Is Now Soon Enough? Marketers & Real-Time Analytics

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    With the explosion of opportunities to capture and quantify profiles and behaviors of markets — from buying decisions to social media activity — marketing has become a data-dependent, digital exercise. Opportunities to fine-tune strategies and improve response rates with surgical precision have never been so plentiful. A marketer’s job includes expanding their views of potential and actual customers and enhancing interaction and engagement, all which are supported by up to the minute monitoring.

    In today’s digital business environment, having accurate data, real-time feedback, and responsive analytics can help or hinder an organization’s ability to understand their markets and maintain a competitive edge. Data-driven, real-time solutions provide more accurate insights into customer behavior. Taking that a step further, an organization needs to be able to properly analyze this fresh data and use it to engage users in real-time. The more informed an organization can be to ‘speak’ to its market, the more improved the marketing activity and the more profitable the ROI.

    In short, the ability to get data in real time helps marketers do their job more efficiently and more effectively, and provide more meaningful metrics to report performance and accomplishments. Response rates can be tracked in real time, providing clear feedback regarding the economic successes and failures of campaigns. Engaging users with personalized content in real-time, across multiple devices and platforms, has been shown to increase clicks and conversions by as much as 150%. Dynamic banners can speak to individualized product recommendations and spark interest from new and existing customer bases.

    As any marketer understands, the more you know about your target market, the better you can serve them.  Beyond that, the more timely your data about them, the more accurate your assessment of their needs and motivations, and the greater your ability to create windows of opportunity. Further, the more quickly you can respond, reappropriate resources and course-correct to improve sales numbers and conversion rates, the more you can increase the metrics that matter the most.

    Now is the time for marketers to start using real-time technology and discover a whole new conversation with their markets.

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