New Support System – ClicData i4

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    Hi there!

    With i4 about to show up in just a few days, I think it is time to introduce our brand new Support System.

    In the current version of ClicData, most of the support was handled from within the application and aside from a few videos and tutorials on Youtube, most of our help system was not that easy to access.

    But, no more!

    Ladies and Gentlemen… I present you our brand new Support Center:

    clicdata docs

    It includes an extensive set of documentation on each i4 feature, corresponding FAQ and video tutorials which by the way you can also still find on Youtube.

    The center will be continuously updated by our support team upon the feedback and questions you share via tickets and emails, so do not hesitate to contact them if you find yourself a bit lost!

    I hope this new center will help you build powerful dashboards and make the most of ClicData.

    Happy Dashboarding!