MDPortals Uses ClicData To Track Their Patient Documents’ Production Status

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    About MDPortals


    MDPortals collects a patient’s medical records and synthesizes them into one searchable document that can be easily reviewed by doctors prior to patient visits. MDPortals collects the medical records from all possible sources, including labs, pharmacies, specialists, hospitals, and Healthcare Information Exchange networks (HIEs). The documents are also interactive and allow doctors to access underlying information, including faxes.

    MDPortals Data and Reporting Environment

    MDPortals generates reports on the status of patient record production for its clients using ClicData’s platform. Prior to ClicData, status reports were logged and tracked on spreadsheets.

    With ClicData, these reports are now automatically generated and shared with clients via an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

    What did they look for in a data management and reporting platform?

    “It was only a matter of time before we automated our document tracking systems,” says Ruth Antrich, Operations Manager at MDPortals. “Our programmers had used ClicData in the past, and had recommended them as a flexible and easy-to-use reporting system.”

    Automated Document Production Tacking With ClicData

    “ClicData has enabled us to streamline our tracking process and provide better service to our clients by giving them real-time visibility into the progress of document delivery” says Ruth.  

    “In addition to providing an overview of the production process, ClicData’s dashboards make it easier and faster to drill down on any issues that need to be addressed and to spot check on specific patients.”

    Why Did They Choose ClicData?


    1.     HIPAA Compliance

    HIPAA compliance was an absolute requirement for MDPortals, due to the sensitive nature of healthcare data, so ClicData’s commitment to data security sealed the deal. In addition to HIPAA compliance, ClicData has many layers of security in place, such as tracking and authentication measures, to ensure the data remains protected.

    Clicdata Customer Support

    2.     White-glove Services

    “We use ClicData’s Expert Services a lot! I usually have a design in mind for the dashboard and I share it with the product specialist in charge of our account in ClicData and they build it.” Ruth says.

    She added, “The service is really white-glove, and we feel taken care of with ClicData’s support staff. They have gone above and beyond what I expected from a data visualization company by providing insight, guidance, and rapid technical support.”

    Clicdata Desktop Mobile

    3.     Reliable Platform

    Ruth says, “ClicData has proven to be a reliable, high-performance platform. Our dashboards are easy to understand, the data is continuously and automatically refreshed and changes and updates are programmed by ClicData within a reasonable amount of time.”

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