Looking For Your Personal Data Coach?

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    Data management can be tricky especially as data volume increases and data formats are more and more diverse. Today I’m going to tell you more about our customers’ profiles. As we illustrate their data challenges with testimonials, you may recognize yourself in one of them and have a chance to learn from their experience.

    In the first business case, our customer Marketing 1BY1 is a data specialist who is expecting training from ClicData to be self-sufficient all the way. To answer their needs, we provide “Self-service BI”.

    In the second case, our customer Marsham International Food Brokers is expecting ClicData to support him fully, not only by providing a great platform but also with expert services to create the right indicators upon data best practice. This is where our Full-Service BI approach fits best.

    As you will see both cases are quite different, and we have decided to adjust our offering and support accordingly.

    Data Experts

    The most frequent user type that I have conversations with is what I like to call the “Data experts”. These users usually know how to handle data since they have to deal multiple data flows in the day to day job. They eat data, they dream data, they leverage the power of data to help other teams make the right decisions. They are typically Business analysts, Data scientists, IT specialists, Web analysts and they have in common the constant search for better tools and better solutions to make sense of their company data.

    Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier is one of these users. However, he was facing an additional challenge which is meeting the data needs of many different customer profiles as he works for a service provider, Marketing1BYB1. He needed a software solution that can serve everyone’s data purpose.

    Marketing 1by1 is a marketing shop focused on data processing. 3 different modules are proposed to a set of customers of the retail sector: The Customer Data Platform which centralizes their customers’ data, a data visualization tool to display all this data and a marketing automation tool to leverage this data.

    They approached ClicData initially frustrated by the poor service level of a data visualization solution called BIME Analytics. After a little testing, they validated ClicData as fitting their needs mostly because of the ETL integration and the dashboard editor’s flexibility to satisfy every special customer situation. For more details on the Marketing 1by1 data challenge, please read one of our previous articles.

    Marketing1BY1 Challenge

    Their data team was looking for a solid BI platform that could manage to import complex and massive data and allow their analysts to create dashboards for their own customers easily.

    Time was saved while extending their data management solution with some reporting capabilities without any development work, simply by embarking and white labeling ClicData dashboards.

    Watch full testimonial:

    Self-Service Business Intelligence

    One of the key factors to the successful completion of the Marketing 1by1 project was the availability of the right tools and support from the ClicData team to speed up their analysts’ learning curve. As intuitive as it is, ClicData is still a tool that new users need to get acquitted with and that’s were our self-learning solutions can be of great help!

    To Data Experts who know what they want and who know their way around their own or their customers’ data, ClicData offers a number of training facilities to support their onboarding such as:

    Online help center, FAQ & video tutorials

    An extensive online, searchable help system, with examples and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), as well as many “how-to” videos also available on our YouTube channel, provide detailed illustrated answers on a number of key steps to produce a good report.

    Users can complete their tutorial by accessing ClicData bi-monthly webinars and learn more ClicData features by reading the monthly release notes.

    In-app chat

    Sometimes one does not even have the time to search for answers but would rather interact with one of our product specialists. This is exactly what the in-app chat is for! Our users get to chat with any member of our support team directly from within the application while they are working to get faster responses to your questions. Anything and everything can be asked from a pro to another pro:

    • Help to configure an account
    • Help connecting a particular data source or a formula
    • Help to create a first dashboard(s)
    • Answers questions regarding certain functionality
    • Setting up security, users, white label…

    More information about this great support feature can be found right here.

    Onboarding session

    A number of hours of onboarding are included with each subscription plan offered by ClicData. Our Data Experts customers like to be efficient as quickly as possible. You can book some dedicated time with our support team for product introduction and joint configuration is highly appreciated. This is an interactive one to one session with our product specialists to get recommendations and a true hand-holding as users want to become operational.

    Business Managers

    If you are a marketing specialist, a Sales Director, a CFO or Business Unit Manager, the below information concerns you! In many cases, I interact with business managers who know what they need to measure and are quite aware of where the necessary data is sitting but have no time nor the resources to do the work of pulling it all together, build the data warehouse and reports expected by their business teams.

    Derek Dancy is one of these users. As a Brand Business Manager, his focus is the coordinating of major food networks while meeting his sales objectives and keeping with the core values promised by his brand.

    Marsham International Food Brokers is an expert in natural food distribution effectively positioning organic packaged food products across the Canadian food market. That implies entertaining a wide network of food distributors through retail grocery and foodservice distribution channels.

    Marsham International Food Brokers challenge

    Their main data challenge is aggregating data sets coming from different distributors. They chose ClicData to facilitate their data consolidation and management. They now can connect, cleanse their data, build and share their dashboards with a single tool. For Derek, a great platform that could automate this process and provide key indicators in real-time was the way to go but not enough!

    What made him fall for ClicData was the skills and reliability of our team of experts who were always available to not only help to create the right dashboards and reports but also to suggest solutions based on their business requirements and challenges.

    Watch full testimonial here:

    Full-Service Business Intelligence

    When companies such as Marsham International Food Brokers don’t have their own team of analysts, we can happily become their very own Data Pros! Depending on the company set up and their data requirements, we adjust our services formats and thereby adapt our analysts’ involvement upon each customer need. Here are the main Full-Service BI formats that we propose:

    Quick Start

    This is great for users who want to learn while becoming operational real fast. Our analysts will create the first 2 dashboards and train the user so that they build the next sets of indicators. A quick starter package with 2 dashboards designed based on your business requirements delivered to your account. Upon the requirements, our analysts will setup the data connections, the ClicData warehouse and create 2 interactive dashboards, each with up to 10 visual indicators (charts, tables, etc.) The dashboard will be customized to match your corporate identity and linked to schedules for auto data refresh and dashboard publication with the end-users. In the end, a training session will be provided for future self-service.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    This is the format that was used by Marsham International Food Brokers alongside with the Expert services hours. With the format of this service, you will basically have your very own BI Expert that knows your business and data and who is dedicated to you and your project. That person will not just “do” KPIs and dashboards for you but also challenge your data requirements and advise on what’s best. Tasks to make it work include:

    • Active monitoring and assessment of account and activity
    • Single point of contact for any ClicData related issues
    • Dedicated slack channel for instant support during business hours
    • 1 scheduled checkpoint session per month
    • Direct phone and email access for account management

    Expert Services Packages

    Our team will do the heavy lifting for you, we engage with all stakeholders and take on the BI implementation for your organization from start to end. Upon your business needs, our analysts will create the data model, design your dashboards; all while providing ongoing consultation.

    Additional information on our Full-Service BI offerings is available right here.

    To meet our customers’ BI needs, we offer different subscription levels which vary upon your project variables such as data volume and type of data connectors. Following the same principle of customizing our effort to your requirements, our analysts’ team offers different types of services.

    The good news is the right BI is out there for you.