Join Us At Sales 3.0 Conference To Talk About AI For Sales

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    ClicData’s VP of Worldwide Sales will be among the industry leaders providing key insights and strategies to elevate sales and revenue growth at this year’s Sales 3.O.

    Held in Las Vegas October 25-26, Sales 3.0 Conference is an annual rendezvous for sales teams and executives to upgrade their knowledge about sales strategies and digital transformations. Sales VPs from industry-leading companies, technology influencers, analysts, and management and leadership experts share their insights and vision for market leadership in the digital age.

    ClicData’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Rob Wood, will be a leading panelist in a discussion entitled, AI In Sales. Panelists will explore how AI is being used for sales today – and how AI will transform sales in the future. Session topics include AI for data, AI for forecasting, AI for prospecting, AI for sales recruiting, and more.

    AI Is Improving Sales Here And Now

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world in which we live, and touching almost every aspect of our lives, in almost every conceivable way.
    AI is the engine behind Netflix’s ability to display a lineup of movies you might want to watch. It’s AI that enables Amazon to tempt you with additional products you might be interested in purchasing. AI enables Uber and Lyft to get a car to your location quickly. And of course, Google uses AI to display ads that are relevant to your previous browsing history. Home thermostats, car tires, and content delivery systems are now capable of learning and making recommendations. AI is everywhere.

    AI for Sales

    What AI Can Do For You

    Beyond consumer applications, AI is emerging as a tremendous tool within businesses themselves. And since sales plays such a huge role in virtually every business, advances that AI can bring to sales departments and teams can result in significant increases in productivity and revenues for the entire organization.
    Think about it. As a small or mid-sized company, you don’t have an army of sales reps to deploy in the field. Even if you do have a few you think of as sales superstars, they probably can’t handle administrative work, qualify leads, close deals, or run sales meetings properly without a little bit of help.
    That probably means you have to spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down your prospects—while often finding out way too late which ones are really worth spending your time on.
    Or maybe you struggle with your sales workflow. Many of the sales tools out there can be challenging to set up and maintain. Instead of being distracted by taking care of the things you use to do your job, you’d rather able to rely on your systems and platforms so that you and your team are free to focus on the important stuff—namely, selling.

    Automate. Analyze. Predict. Recommend.

    As you discover what AI can do for you and your sales team, it just might become your new best friend. Who doesn’t want to delegate repetitive tasks or spend less time trying to predict outcomes without having the data you need to trust your accuracy? Here are a few things AI can do in a sales environment:
    Process Mundane Tasks
    AI can transform sales by handling those boring and repetitive tasks— finding and sorting leads, monitoring orders, and sending emails to customers and prospective customers. AI can basically do a lot of the drudge work for you, so you can spend more of your time being productive.


    Knowing how to identify high potential deals can make a huge difference to sales performance. Since AI is founded on data analysis, it’s not a stretch to think that AI platforms can analyze buyer profiles, identify leads and predict solutions and products that are likely to fit the buyer best. With all that data to process, AI literally can take the guesswork out of the equation. And save time and save headaches.


    AI can be used to automate numerous tasks that normally take up a lot of time. Activity logging, identifying high-priority emails, and creating new contacts can be automated. Calculating ideal discount rates, predicting next quarter’s revenues, ranking leads, are a few more tasks that AI can do for you. Ready to free up more time to actually close some sales?

    Analyze Performance

    AI tools let you easily analyze performance results, from campaigns, to sales, to sales reps. You could even analyze what goes into the success of your top performing salespeople and share your insights with others on the sales team. You get to up the performance of the whole team over time and everybody wins.

    The ClicData Dashboard Platform Brings Intelligence To Sales

    ClicData’s cloud-based data warehousing and dashboard BI platform brings the best of AI to your team, department, or organization with relative ease and speed.

    For Business Executives and Managers:

    • Connect all of your data sources—no matter what platform, no matter what department—into a single, accessible virtual data warehouse for more accurate, deeper, and better decision-making within departments and company-wide.
    • Get more control of the business’ overall performance, not just sales.
    • Enjoy safe, real-time collaboration for greater productivity
    • Leverage the insights and KPIs now hidden within your data
    • Reduce or eliminate time building and analyzing reports and trying to glean actionable insights

    For Sales Executives and Reps:

    • Easily share Marketing KPIs with Sales or vice versa
    • Review real-time e-campaign statistics that inform, motivate, and empower your teams
    • Have informative, dynamic, graphical dashboards at your fingertips on almost any mobile device
    • Enjoy team-wide collaboration with updated real-time KPIs
    • Stay on top of everything with automatically-refreshed data results

    For Business Consultants:

    • White label ClicData’s powerful, intuitive dashboards
    • Customize dashboard look and feel to fit your client’s brand and get all the credit for it.

    Managing data can be ugly. Intelligent dashboards are the beautiful solution. Learn about how ClicData can elevate your sales team, department or business.

    Rob Wood VP of Sales at ClicData Intelligent Dashboard Software

    *Rob Wood, V.P., Worldwide Sales, ClicData, Inc.

    Rob Wood has over 20 years of experience in designing and executing go-to market strategies for sales teams, which have generated double-digit growth and over $10 billion in sales. Rob is now bringing his success and experience to lead ClicData, the world’s first fully cloud-based business intelligence solution. Rob believes that, when it comes to business, the winners are the ones who leverage all of their data and create actionable strategies with real-time insights. With his executive leadership, Rob has led both inside and field sales teams in national markets at NetApp, IBM, HP, Sage, CA Technologies, among others. Selling Power ranked Rob as having one of the best sales organizations in America.