Make the Most of Your Mobile Analytics with These Tactics

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    how to analyze mobile analyticsBeing a mobile-first company is no longer an option—it’s an expectation. As your company evolves to keep up with hyper-mobile and hyper-local customers, it’s likely you’re investing in new technologies, additional resources and fresh ways of approaching your operations. But, here’s an idea that may make you a bit uncomfortable: are your data and analytics processes keeping pace with the mobile world? Or, are they still based on legacy systems (and legacy business) from the pre-mobile era?

    Allow us to take a step back: The rise of mobile has given way to “micro-moments,” all of those countless moments in a day when your customers are instinctively turning to their mobile devices for answers. Your customers are on an endless hunt for instant gratification, whether it’s in the form of where to order takeout for dinner, a great doctor recommendation, texting a friend, browsing an online store, and more. Mobile phones are a lifeline to what’s important to them—now.

    Say goodbye to old-school KPIs

    Remember when tracking impressions and reach meant something? This was important before digital marketing, when print mailers and catalogs were king.

    Now, you’re able to track it all—every click, every view, every interaction—and follow your customer on an entire digital lifecycle.  Re-thinking what your core KPIs can shed light on massive opportunity to deliver increased value to your customers.

    Good news: if your company is in a growth phase, it’s never been a better time to leverage the power of mobile to evaluate your growth trajectory with a fresh perspective. To help you do so, consider using these three dashboards.

    Mobile Intent Dashboard

    What’s your customer really up to when they grab their phone and swipe? By tracking these interactions and layering in predictive analytics, you can learn to give your customers what they want, when they need it, in that moment. This dashboard may track everything from links clicked, ads followed, time of interaction and keywords—all aiming to figure how the “why.”

    Mobile Context Dashboard

    Bring your customers to life. Where are they when they interact with you? When are they doing it? What does this say about their habits, needs and conversion patterns? Is there a frequency or regularity to which they interact with you? Your Mobile Context Dashboard should shed light on the “how” of the interaction.

    Mobile Immediacy Dashboard

    In other words, what path did your customer eventually take to finally get what they wanted? Did they find what they were looking for, and what action did they take (Did they buy? Download a whitepaper? Sign up for an email list?) This dashboard enlightens you on what success looks like for your customers.

    See what growth looks like for your company.

    Use these dashboard concepts to innovate the way you track your success. You’ll know if these dashboards are working for you if you’re able to answer these three questions:

    • What matters to your customers?
    • What’s working or not working for your customers and your business?
    • What new opportunities are there for you to add value?

    What KPIs are you tracking—and how—in a mobile first world?