TBS Manages Its E-Commerce Shop Performance Efficiently With ClicData

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    The e-commerce market is evolving at a fast pace, which requires brands to handle their available data efficiently to remain competitive. TBS, a fashion brand of the French group ERAM, has successfully met this challenge thanks to ClicData. With ClicData, they were able to significantly improve the way they manage their e-commerce shop and extended their data project to all other points of sales.

    TBS: A Committed and Data-Driven Brand

    TBS has been selling shoes and clothing for over 45 years. The company stands out for its commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion, illustrated by numerous collections designed and manufactured in France, in its own workshops.

    With a network of almost 40 boutiques, a wide outlet network and an e-commerce platform, TBS faces the typical challenges of any omni-channel retailer trying to make sense of their customer journey everyday.

    Matthieu Breton, e-commerce manager at TBS took the bull by the horns. His responsibility is to maintain a high-performance e-commerce site, deploy the omni-channel strategy, consolidate sales across outlets, manage inventory, and set up quality services for customers.

    Its strategic role requires informed decision-making based on reliable data. To help him in his missions, he opted for ClicData, a data management and analytics platform he had already used successfully in a previous company.

    Improving E-commerce performance with data

    ClicData was first deployed to solve problems inherent to e-commerce. This included:

    • acquisition budget management,
    • monitoring traffic sources,
    • correlating this information with sales data to obtain a complete overview.

    Subsequently, the company expanded its use by integrating CRM data, examining customer segments and their behaviors between online channels and physical stores.

    Before the integration of ClicData, these tasks were carried out manually, using Excel files, which was extremely time-consuming. ClicData quickly became a valuable solution to this problem. Thanks to its data aggregation, processing and restitution capabilities, Monday morning reporting lasting several hours has given way to automated dashboards.

    TBS Centralizes All Its E-Commerce KPIs Into One Platform

    Dashboards are mainly used by the e-commerce team to track e-commerce KPIs such as acquisition budget, clicks, visitors, sales and conversions.

    ecomm sales dashboard en

    ClicData allows you to load the entire product catalog, analyzing indicators by product or range, and also providing information on product seasonality. Data granularity is particularly fine, offering exceptional flexibility in analysis.

    By connecting to various marketing and analytics tools, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, as well as Excel files, FTP and Lengow (a feed manager for marketplaces), ClicData automatically updates data, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

    The next step will be to build new reports for members of the management committee, and to automate the sending of these reports by email.

    TBS is Building a Strong Data-Centric Culture By Deploying ClicData Into More Areas

    Initially, the adoption of ClicData was motivated by a desire to improve e-commerce management, but TBS wants to broaden the scope of ClicData’s application. So there are plenty of projects in the pipeline. Among them:

    Purchasing & Stock: Building Purchasing Forecasts and Inventory Management

    TBS aims to integrate purchasing data into ClicData. This action will enable us to fine-tune inventory management through in-depth analysis of the various product categories. By better understanding purchasing trends and customer preferences, TBS will improve purchasing forecasting and inventory management.

    Measuring the Impact of Window Displays on Sales

    The next marketing challenge is to integrate window planning into ClicData. This initiative aims to measure the impact of window displays on all sales channels.

    Analyzing the Impact of External Factors

    This includes, for example, the influence of the weather or a particular event on sales performance. By understanding how these factors interact with business, TBS will be better prepared to anticipate seasonal variations and adjust its operations accordingly.

    Rapid Implementation and Immediate ROI

    Setting up ClicData at TBS was very simple. Thanks to his previous experience with the tool, Matthieu was able to get to grips with it quickly and independently.

    “ClicData’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use advanced technical skills in data analysis or development.”

    Matthieu Breton, Head of e-commerce, TBS

    As soon as the first dashboards were put in place, the e-commerce team immediately recognized the considerable time savings offered by the tool. ClicData has eliminated tedious and time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time for decision-making and operations management.

    The Key To Success: The Simplicity And Power Of ClicData

    For TBS, ClicData’s combination of simplicity and power made all the difference.

    “Other more expensive and complex tools exist, but ClicData offers a quick and efficient solution. Companies are starting to use this kind of solution more and more as they realize they exist.”

    Matthieu Breton, Head of e-commerce, TBS

    ClicData has enabled TBS to solve numerous e-commerce problems, and has also expanded the possibilities for data analysis, paving the way for a better understanding of business performance and significant efficiency gains.

    In ClicData, TBS has clearly found an ally of choice to fully exploit the potential of its data, optimize its performance and reinforce its competitiveness in its market.

    Front page image credits: TBS.fr website

    And how do you use your data to effectively manage your e-commerce site? e-commerce site?