Healthcare Marketers Use Email over SEO, Social Media, and PPC

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    3.9 billion of the world’s population use email, making it the most used digital platform than others. Let us weigh the odds of choosing email over other channels!

    Email must not be an option for B2B marketers. Do you want to know why? It is because email against the comprehensively thrown platforms, and you will still get the best out of it. Every business, big or small, has used email at one point in its establishment.

    But What Does Email Marketing To Do With B2B Medical Marketers?

    Here comes the trick-or-treat moment for medical marketers.

    It either they take the treasure in the open casket, or look elsewhere, where there is no treasure. The choice is yours.

    It is because you must know that every healthcare professional practitioner, communicator, or the perceptive patient has an email address, and they believe it is the lifeblood of daily connectivity and productivity.

    So here is an answer from Sherlock, Email marketing isn’t free. It is a given, isn’t it?

    Yes, it isn’t free, but it is comparatively a lower cost than any other choice you would have on your mind. Your target audience is solidly digitally connected and individually addressable, and that is exactly why email marketing must be on top of the list.

    At times you might wonder, why outsource or build a doctor’s email list and market to doctors when you can find them on social media. But the truth is; several perks come along when you use email marketing to doctors rather than another channel.

    It does not mean other platforms of marketing are not sufficient. They are all good too, and they will work, but along with that, you need to adopt email marketing to reap more benefits.

    As your business crosses the infancy stage, it reaches the maturity stage, and in order for you to keep it in the maturity stage, you need to adopt several more strategic methods.

    According to a report from HubSpot, the average open rate is 21% for an email in the health, pharmaceutical, and biotech industry. When the average open rate is 21%, just imagine the open rate you can accomplish with the right data, right strategy, and good techniques.

    Why Email Marketing is More Powerful For Your Medical Marketing Over Other Channels

    Social Media vs. Email Marketing

    1. Credibility – Credibility is created only when you know for sure what is happening, there is a way to seamlessly contact the business, and prospects are connected with you through personalization.

    The shortcoming of social media when it comes to social media is, it lacks these options. But on the other hand, email marketing has been the source of all of these features under one roof.

    As a healthcare marketer, you must ensure the healthcare industry trusts you. Trust is built from credibility alone, and for that, you need to go the extra mile and grab every opportunity.

    The healthcare industry is where they need to consider you a reliable partner to crack business deals with; they hold lives in their hands. You may know your product or your services may not cause any harm and will only move forward to a better tomorrow, but your prospects are unaware.

    It is by default your duty to prove to them, with your curability, and no matter how small the steps, but take them.

    2. Daily Reminder – 71% of the world’s population check their emails every day, and not social media. Social media may be a fabulous networking junction, but it sometimes has too much to keep you on top of the mind. The email has that one feature in common.

    It has a large number of professionals and businesses see that as their very first prioritized notification.

    Most professionals check their emails as soon as they wake up, over another application.

    3. Inexpensive – As mentioned before, email marketing is not free, but it is cheaper compared to social media, and that is for sure. Your email marketing campaign can generate $36 for every $1 you spend, and that would not be the case for social media marketing. 

    The average cost for social media is around $200 to $350 per day for a midsized business and that amounts to $6000 to $10,000 a month. Email on the other hand costs a mid-sized business $1,000 on average. You can weigh the odds to this measurement.

    4. You own your list – Social media is always subject to change, but it is the straight opposite when it comes to email. Algorithms can change, but people cannot, and you cannot follow the same social media campaign again.

    For email, people might change their email addresses, but you can always append your list in no time and regain what you lost.

    But no one can crack the algorithm of Instagram or Facebook, can they? The only solution would be to have a backup that is permanent in your system.

    5. Convert More – People who buy through email are known to spend 138% more than people who do not receive product or service emails. It is not likely going to happen on social media.

    To make a sale happen on social media you need to follow a lot of steps or let us just say it takes a load of time and effort. You need to have relevant social media followers, Post frequently, and remember social media does not have automation tools like email.

    You should also review your posts and find out if they are relevant to your followers, keep an eye while you post your sales messages, and repost offers. Along with these, you have to choose the right time to post, and much more.  

    6. Effortlessly Drive Visitors to your website – When healthcare professionals find interest in an email, they are most probably going to click through to the website. As mentioned earlier, emails are always the ones that create more credibility among the niche.

    PPC vs. Email Marketing

    Pay per click is a great idea but is it always going to be your beck and call strategy.

    With PPC, you will only be paying for the people who click on your link, not for the views, which makes PPC prices manageable for most marketing budgets. It is a good thing, but PPC has its shortcomings too.

    At times, you might not end with the right PPC service providing. There are some businesses out there that can pay outsiders or other people to click on your links, which will leave you paying for all of them.

    It, in turn, will only increase your bounce rates. And in most cases, a small business cannot accomplish a trial and error phase, which means you need to think smart.

    In an email, all you would need is a reliable Business email list which you will pay for or build once, whereas, in PPC, you will keep paying for bounces that are only going to cost you more.

    SEO vs. Email Marketing

    SEO is an astonishing way for you to market, but make sure it is not a black hat SEO. But all jokes apart, SEO can give you long-term effects.

    The one thing about SEO though it cannot be direct, personalized, or instantaneous. As I said earlier, every part has its shortcoming, because you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    Also, many times, you need to have the perfect content to rank in SEO. And hiring skilled writers with SEO expertise is a big deal for small-scaled business. It is time-consuming and tedious to change the content of your website and rank higher.

    SEO is a great way to be first on the list, but have you ever thought about the expenses? If you are tight on your budgeting, you must know the struggles of SEO content in your marketing process.

    Email, on the other hand, can be upgraded effortlessly. It does not require an expert team of writers. You can just follow some effective tips to upgrade your email content and launch your campaigns.

    If you’re in the healthcare industry, then consulting with a dedicated healthcare marketing agency that combines all marketing tactics into your strategy will help you create a comprehensive approach that drives more leads and sales to your healthcare practice.

    Insider Tips

    Medical marketing is one of the most crucial marketing forms in the economy, and it is always good to have the best strategies in line and in that opinion, it is invariably good to have email marketing as one of them.

    Email Marketing can take you all around the healthcare industry with minimal expenses, save time, resources, energy, and labor at the same time.

    It does not mean you don’t have to have social media, PPC, or SEO in your strategy. It is essential for you to back up one another.

    Or in Phoebe Buffay’s words, “It is always good to back up your back“. It is always good to know you have not put all your eggs in one basket.

    You can never rely on one source for all of the life of your business, can you? If you are in the business field or running one, you will definitely know this. Now, if you are a healthcare marketer, there comes more of an issue. You would be a business dealing with lives, in a global view.

    There is a wide range of rules, regulations, and conditions you need to comply with. Along with doing that hectic task, you are expected to market like any other marketer, with robust strategies. But here, you need to think smart and utilize the best of the market, to reap the best outcomes from your efforts.

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