How Fitness Park Accurately Monitors Marketing ROI with ClicData

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    By increasing the quality of their data and fixing most of their erroneous data, Fitness Park’s Data & CRM department was able to measure accurately the ROI of their marketing channels.

    The Quest For Data Accuracy

    Fitness Park is a French company of premium fitness centers with over 250 gyms across the country. Fitness Park is a major player in the French fitness market and is now rapidly expanding with brand-licensed gyms.

    “Data management & analysis were firmly embedded in Fitness Park’s DNA”

    Vattana CHHAY, Data & CRM Manager at Fitness Park

    For as long as he remembers, data was hosted on local servers in every gym across France. The data was scattered across servers, with each gym hosting its own database, making data consolidation across the company and real-time analysis impossible.

    Fitness Park recognized the pivotal role data plays in the long-term success of a company. Vattana and his team led a massive project to centralize the data all in one place – the first step to derive more value from untapped data.

    The challenge was two-fold:

    1. Keeping the data secure
    2. Making the data easily accessible company-wide

    A few months later, Fitness Park created the Data & CRM department to leverage data and serve their Marketing team. The team is responsible for ensuring data accuracy by integrating, cleaning, and processing data. They had to build reliable sales & marketing dashboards to monitor performance with precision. Enters ClicData.

    They were looking for a data analytics platform to:

    • Demystify data in the company
    • Improve data quality
    • Boost marketing efforts

    And that’s precisely what we helped them achieve! Here’s how 👇

    Embracing Data-Driven Transformation Amid Crisis

    Fitness Park, in the midst of rapid growth, faced a severe setback due to Covid-19, which forced a several months-long shutdown of operations. In France, all non-necessary activities, like gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. were forced to close their doors according to the French government lockdown measures. Like most hyper-growth companies, Fitness Park heavily focused on day-to-day gym management activities. Yet, to keep pace with the company’s growth, it became evident that robust data management was a pressing need to align with their expansion. The enforced gym closures provided an opportunity to reevaluate, prioritize, and really shed light on this project.

    The first thing Fitness Park noticed was that they generated an enormous amount of data-yet little to no analysis was made.

    “We realized we have been sending lots of emails and text messages to clients for the past 2-3 years, but we weren’t able to measure the ROI of these campaigns. Sure, we looked at metrics like clicks, open rates, increasing turnover, new gym openings… But the ROI indicator was out of our reach because of the data inconsistency” explains Vattana

    Today, with ClicData things are different.

    “We know where our customers come from, and we’re able to quantify the results of each marketing campaign,” says Vattana Chhay.

    Demystifying Data: Turning Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

    “We knew we collected the right data but weren’t actually able to extract all the value we could get from it.” says Vattana.

    Fitness Park had already done some data collection and processing when they started working with ClicData. Vattana and his team knew what they wanted to achieve but lacked the proper tools to make it happen. ClicData was the key element that enabled them to easily make sense of their data, and even delve deeper into the data analysis.

    Today, Vattana and his team work with nine dashboards to track marketing performance and ROI with accuracy to consolidate sales performance and constantly monitor the quality of their data.

    “ClicData enabled us to go even further in analyzing performance, monitoring ROI, and providing us with KPIs we couldn’t measure before.”

    Unlocking Customer Insights To Quickly Shift Marketing Strategies

    Fitness Park first used ClicData to build accurate customer profiles and segmentation based on socio-demographic criteria: gender breakdown, age range, number of times customers came to the gym based on their age range, location…

    By doing so, Fitness Park was able to highlight the feminization and rejuvenation of the customer base over the last 12 months. This information came in handy for the marketing team that revised its messaging that resonate with this new audience.

    Fitness Park then took a closer look at their customer journey.

    “Data is key to better grasp customer habits, which sometimes can turn out to be quite surprising. Data analysis tells us that 80% of conversions take place in gyms – meaning customers would rather go to their local gym to sign up, rather than to subscribe online – despite having a predominantly digital-native customer base.”

    The company also uses ClicData to easily monitor KPIs that matter, such as:

    • Number of campaigns sent
    • Click-through rate of campaigns
    • Campaign performance
    • Attribution & ROAS
    • Best-performing triggers and customer journeys
    • Conversion channels ROI

    Beyond campaign performance, with ClicData, Vattana, and his team were able to identify the best sending days and times for their target audience.

    Last but not least, the Data & CRM team had a challenging problem to tackle: gosht subscribers. ClicData helped them take their profiling a step further by defining these personas and gaining a valuable understanding of their pain points.

    “In the fitness industry, we know there always is a percentage of members that subscribe, but don’t come to the gym on a regular basis. With our team, we were eager to uncover this distribution and understand what’s stopping them from coming more often to the gym, so we can support them and set up actions to build up their loyalty.”

    Revving Up Data Quality to Bolster Marketing Success

    Fitness Park uses performance dashboards to easily monitor the performance of gyms at the individual level but also to improve the quality of data collected across all gyms to bolster marketing efforts.

    The company works with 3 essential data points to ensure the success of their marketing campaign: email, phone number, and consent. The CRM & Marketing departments sensed there was an issue with the quality of the data they collected but weren’t able to quantify it.

    ClicData helped them quantify this intuition. Our team of data analysts dived into Fitness Park’s analytics and built a dashboard that revealed:

    • a wide disparity in data quality between gyms
    • 50% of the data was inaccurate

    📊 In a year, the rate of erroneous data was reduced from 50% to 25%.

    These findings enabled Fitness Park to put data quality at the heart of sales & marketing conversations. Teams quickly recognized and understood the impact of inaccurate data, leading to year-round quality monitoring via a custom dashboard built in ClicData. In a year, the rate of erroneous data was reduced from 50% to only 25%.

    An Affordable and Powerful Data Platform With a Great Team Behind

    When looking for a tool to reveal their true performance, Fitness Park first considered a data solution offered by one of the market leaders. However, they were quickly discouraged by the lack of support offered, high costs, and the reliance on solution integrators.

    What first drew them to ClicData was the pricing structure that scales up as they grow, fitting their data analytics projects. The platform capabilities, ease of deployment, and the in-house expertise convinced them.

    “I really loved the demos with Anna and Élise. They are both truly amazing and know the product inside out. I felt we were in good hands right from the first demo with them, and I was confident we could achieve our goals with ClicData and their team. The value truly lies in the expertise.”

    In our quest to truly understand our clients’ needs, we invite one of our data analysts to jump on pre-sales calls to better grasp the company’s challenges. This approach truly resonated with the Fitness Park teams.

    “I was genuinely impressed by the expertise of the data analyst team. It was reassuring to engage with experienced professionals who not only had an in-depth knowledge of the product but also an underlying understanding of data-related challenges. I strongly recommend ClicData for this.” – Vattana Chhay

    Today, Vattana and his team use ClicData daily to monitor Fitness Park’s performance and oversee dashboard management: modifications, improvements, and sharing them across departments.

    These dashboards primarily serve the digital, marketing, sales, and operations departments. Each team accesses the relevant data and communicates their requests to the CRM department. Additionally, internal monthly reviews enable teams to see where they’re at and make data-driven decisions based on these dashboards.

    Fitness Park is now completely autonomous on ClicData and has all the keys to make strategic decisions based on reliable data.