Feature Focus – Location Map Widget

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    Hello, ClicData User!

    Our latest update included a brand-new widget we think you’ll love: the Location Map widget.

    Location Map lets you track real-time events and data across a map of a region. For example, if you want to track a fleet of vehicles or quickly visualize the geographical areas that are bringing you the most sales, this is the widget for you!

    Check out the dashboard below. With data we imported from the United States Geographical Survey, we created a dashboard that displays all registered earthquakes around the world in the last 24 hours.

    We set the data to be updated automatically. That means that every morning, you can view the latest occurrences of earthquakes, and find out their precise location and magnitude.

    ClicData Loc Map

    Click on the map to access the fully interactive dashboard


    But it gets even better! The maps you create are fully customizable.

    Clicdata Map Styling

    To customize your map, select the Format tab, and then choose your style from the options in the left column. From there, you can change pretty much anything on the map.

    Take it to the next level with your choice of map styles! Check out https://snazzymaps.com/ and pick out the style you like. Then simply copy the one you want and paste it into ClicData. Awesome!

    Don’t wait! Log in to your ClicData account now and try out our new Localization Map widget right away!

    Happy Dashboarding!