Enhanced Privacy Through a New Folder System in ClicData

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    Today, ClicData introduces a new system for Folder management. This new feature will allow for better security and privacy management and help users share data and dashboards in a more flexible way.

    Why the new system?

    After years of numerous and highly mediatized data breaches and security mishandling, Security and Privacy have become a major concern in the digitalized world. Regulations like the GDPR introduced in 2018 in Europe, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and 2, amongst others, have allowed companies and internet users to demand secured navigation and privacy-respecting usage of online tools.

    At ClicData, Security and Privacy of our customers’ data are at the core of our values. As a data management platform, our highest priority is to make sure your data is securely stored and used. If you’re interested in reading more about our engagement for secured data management, please make sure to visit our Trust Center or feel free to reach out.

    We already developed customizable password security, 2 Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On to ensure our customers can leverage the best tools for a secured login to their ClicData account.

    This new Folder Security System now gives even more flexibility and power to each customer to organize and protect data based on User and Teams access rights.

    The new system in the 4 Basic principles

    1. Folders Hierarchy

    The main new feature is the Folder hierarchy, which now benefits from 2 main branches: Personal folders and Team folders.

    Personal folders can be seen only by each User.

    Team folders are used for shared items amongst Users.

    Folder Hierarchy

    2. Team folder root level

    At the root of the Team folder, no items can be stored. This forces Admins to set up a folder hierarchy and Users to stick to it.

    Who doesn’t know the lure of storing files by default at the root level with the pledge of ‘sorting it later’ and at the same time moaning against those old files accumulated there over time and whom no one ever cleaned properly?

    3. Main team folders centralized management

    Only Admins can create Main Team Folders (at level 1). A new centralized page under the Security menu dropdown allows for Main Folder creation, duplication and security management.

    The security list for Folders is applicable only for Main Folders. All child folders will follow the same security list.

    Main Team Folder Centralized Management

    4. Security at the folder level

    Main Folder security can be set up as usual on a flexible one per one basis, using usual User or Team access rights (read / edit).

    Folder security lists cannot be overwritten by item security contained in the folder. If a User has access to Dashboard ‘Sales report’ in the ‘Sales’ Main Folder, he will not see the Folder or the Dashboard, unless he’s on both Security lists.

    The root level of Personal and Team folders have no security list, hence users can see items based on their license or each item’s security list.

    Other features:

    Depth of folder hierarchy has increased from 3 levels to 4 levels

    Security At Folder Level

    Transitioning from the former to the new system

    Here is how the datasets and dashboards will transition into the new folder system:

    Transitioning From Old To New Folder System

    Use cases & best practices

    When setting up a folder hierarchy, keep in mind that Main Folders (level 1) can only be created by the Admins.

    You and your customers

    Manage multiple customers respecting their privacy: create 1 Main Folder per Customer and give access to their Teams and/or Users only.

    From there, your customer will be able to manage level 2 to 4 of folders for their own needs, without ever knowing the existence of other customers in your account.

    Each user will be able to manage its own Personal folders.

    Folder Hierarchy With Customers

    You and your company

    When using ClicData within your own Company only, but sharing amongst different teams, create a Main Folder per team and give according to reading and writing rights, as usual.

    As folders are ordered by alphabetical order, a good idea is to give folders numbers, which will order them by importance.

    Folder Hierarchy For Your Company

    You and your team

    When using ClicData within your Team only, create Folders by project, topic or by type of Data.

    Folder Hierarchy Your And Your Team

    Summary of Rights

    Here’s a quick overview of rights by User license.

    Table Summary Of Rights Folders

    Hence, certain rules result from this logic:

    • Admins can see all Folders, even Main folders which Security list they haven’t been added to. Keep this in mind when creating a Folder hierarchy per customer. If you don’t want customers to see other customer’s folder, they must have Editor licenses.
    • Admins can see items at the root level of Personal from other users. They will see them at the root level of Team folders. This ensures a seamless transitioning from the former system into the new one.
    • Editors cannot create folders.
    • Editors need to be added to the Security list of at least 1 folder in order to be able to create a dataset or a dashboard within this folder.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team for any questions around the new Folder system! We’re happy to help you make the best out of ClicData.