Dreaming of automating your projects reporting?

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    Project management comes with a myriad of challenges, as most know. One of the biggest problems in the sphere is reporting. Reports are an integral piece of project management – it keeps everyone aware of time spent, deadlines and overall progress and is an essential tool for communication between parties. However, article after article, such as this one by CIO, demonstrates that lack of reporting is one of the most common mistakes made by project managers. One option to look at is automated reports and examine the answer to the question: How can automated reporting help your projects?

    One reason for this might be that project managers decide to create reports manually. This means many things: a large amount of time is spent gathering data, synthesizing it, double-checking data and then disseminating the content. And of course, in each step there is potential for bottleneck and lack of movement. If one person is late in contributing their piece in the report, it slows down the process and makes it inefficient. This might be why many project managers, much to their own detriment, choose to eschew reports altogether.

    This is dangerous though, because reports can be incredibly informative for both managers and their stakeholders; it communicates to everyone the progress of the project. The data within it can be very telling. However, with the advent of automated reporting, this aspect of project management may have become easier. Luckily, in this day and age of technology, there are now solutions for this. Software such as ClicData are essential for project managers now, since it helps provide in-depth and real-time examinations of projects without the noise of spreadsheets and the interactive dashboard takes care of keeping track of timelines, budgets and tasks.

    Moreover, with ClicData, the process of creating reports is also easier. ClicData keeps project reports up to date and automates the creation process for reports as well as its distribution. Not only is the data current, but alerts can be set up when certain conditions are met. Either way, the automated function is truly an asset for project managers in order to keep company processes automated.

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