How To Leverage CRM Data in Your Social Media Strategy

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    With competition on the rise, it is crucial to find new ways to cater to your customers. As customers are the most critical aspect of the business, you should never take their journey for granted. 

    When it comes to social media marketing, most businesses tend to overlook the potential of customer relationship management (CRM). Leaving out CRM from your social media strategy could have serious consequences for the brand. 

    The best brand experience is where customers refer to your brand to others and keep on returning for a similar experience. However, if a negative element becomes associated with the journey, it would prove harmful for your bottom line. 

    The fact is that most businesses do not even know that they are sitting on a goldmine the entire time. Now, you might be using CRM for remarketing purposes or creating seed audiences. But, there is a lot more you can do with it.

    This is where this post comes into place. It sheds light on what CRM can do for your social media marketing. Let’s dive in.

    6 Ways Your CRM Can Benefit Your Social Media Strategy

    1. Identify Top Customers

    If you do not know who the most profitable customers are, how will you boost your revenue? This is why it is crucial to utilize the data obtained from CRM to craft the most social media marketing strategy.

    One of the best things about CRM is that it allows you to identify top customers. No matter which industry you might be operating in, there are bound to be some customers who spend the most on your products or services.

    Identifying these customers enables you to find out what they like about your brand and why they keep coming back for more. Once you have identified these elements, you can expand on them to provide an even better consumer experience to your most valued (repeat) customers.

    When you consider your top customers, you get to develop a social media marketing strategy that encourages them to spend more money by providing them exactly what they expect. Knowing the most profitable customers is vital as it can improve your bottom line. 

    2. Discover Similar People to Top Customers

    Your CRM can be used to discover people who are similar to your top customers, which will help you target more customers for higher revenue. By learning about your customers, you get to search for people who are just like them. Then, you can focus your digital marketing efforts on attracting these target markets.

    Building lookalike audiences has become extremely important. You can create your very own Facebook audience by reading this guide. Interest targeting is possible regardless of the size of your business. You can better align with the target demographic to harness more customers.

    3. Improved Coordination between Departments

    Most departments are inter-dependent. Every successful organization knows just how important it is to communicate with various departments effectively. It helps ensure that work gets done.  

    Through the combination of CRM and social media marketing, you get to stay ahead of the pack. Learn more about your customers and gain access to their real-time activities. Once you know about the status of every customer, you will be in a better position to target your customers.

    4. Track Each Step of the Customer Journey

    The customer journey has to be tracked every step of the way. It allows you to create a long-term relationship with your customers. The social media marketing strategy needs to focus on the future. Hence, it is important to include CRM. 

    When you add CRM, it allows you to track likes, conversations, and other engagement metrics. It helps develop the perfect relationship with both old and new customers. Besides, CRM can be used to continuously provide value to customers.

    As the number of consumers grows with the growth of your brand, you must invest in converting one-time customers into advocates or fans. Turning customers into fans is possible with a sound social media marketing strategy. Accessing detailed social conversation history provides you with vital user information that you can use to continuously improve your social media marketing strategy. Monitor how you communicate with customers at every level. With the right information, there is a lot more you can achieve. For instance, you can keep a log of every customer engagement with you and guide them through the customer journey.

    5. Target Customers That Have Not Purchased from You Recently

    Identify customers within the CRM to create exclusive offers just for them. This would increase your social CTR and boost your online sales. You must learn to target your customers differently. Not every customer is the same. 

    When you use CRM to gain insights into customer behavior, you get to create an inclusive social media marketing strategy. It enables you to target all of your customers with a personalized offer and messaging. 

    6. Trigger Personalized Ads

    To help things one step further, CRM can be used to trigger personalized ads. According to a survey conducted in 2016, it was found that around 71 percent of consumers prefer personalized ads. 

    CRM provides you with the information you need to create personalized ads. For instance, you could create ads for complimentary products which will increase your revenue significantly.  

    In addition, it is a good idea to use customer data to show ads that increase repurchases. Remind customers about the products they love and let them know that you value their purchases. 

    When you serve highly customized ads, you get to encourage customers to purchase from you.

    Final Words

    Most social CRMs can help your sales and marketing teams to visualize their connection and see how they can work together to achieve success. Sales and marketing will see a dual-benefit in where to reach your customers and how.

    Social media management in your CRM connects you to your customers, but it also connects your marketing and sales departments.

    CRM has a huge impact on social media marketing. If you are smart enough to realize its value, you will be able to take your business to new heights. You must utilize your offline loyalty program to gain valuable insight into your customers’ likes and preferences.

    From identifying your top customers to responding better to them, CRM can power your business in ways you might not have even imagined.