ClicData Update and New Features in 2018

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    The last ClicData update on October 19 (4.8.19), included features such as the Instagram connector and Binders. Since then we have been working on a major release update – 4.9. We will continue in 2018 with regular updates (every 15 days – on every other Tuesday) and will add some really exciting features, more connectors and more widgets.

    So here is what is going to be delivered in release 4.9 and what you can expect for 2018!

    Release 4.9 – December 2, 2017

    IMPORTANT: Please note that ClicData will be unavailable during this update from Saturday December 2, 3:00 UTC until Sunday December 3, 20:00 UTC.

    – Facebook Ads
    We have ramped up the connectivity with Facebook Ads. ClicData will be able to bring Facebook Ads data, demographics, ad campaigns and ad set data directly from your FB Advert account.
    This connector is using our new “Smart View” import process, capable of grouping metrics by day all the way to quarter or lifetime and so much more.

    – Facebook
    While we were at it, we also added a new Facebook connector to replace the previous version that takes advantage of the new FB API and also has our “Smart View” capabilities. More data, more metrics and better filtering/grouping.

    – Faster Databases
    We heard you! You want faster performance, faster dashboards and we are getting you that. We are moving all account tiers to the new Microsoft Azure databases separated by region and tier as usual.

    – View/Merge/Fusion Cache
    This feature is going to improve your dashboards’ performance by a very large factor! Currently, every calculated column and grouping is evaluated each time you request a dashboard. By using the cache table feature on a view, a merge or a fusion, the data is persisted and only calculated once BEFORE the dashboard is displayed. Note: We will release this feature on a limited basis first to a select group of beta customers. Full general availability is expected in January 2018.

    – Application Services Upgrade
    We are upgrading our application servers to the latest Microsoft has to offer! All of our servers will be upgraded to the latest Application services with SSD drives, 2x the memory and a faster CPU.

    – MotherNode CRM

    We are now fully integrated into Mothernode CRM. With your Mothernode CRM account you receive a complimentary ClicData account with all your Mothernode data. More on this at

    – Zapier
    You can now have hundreds of ways to trigger data refreshes in ClicData using Zapier. Read more here:

    – Application Functionality

    • Ability to select application theme colours.
    • Two-factor authentication (preview only)
    • Ability to maximize property windows (widget, data preview, etc.)
    • Improvements to the home screen dashboard explorer
    • In-App chat with support team
    • Ability to set the display mode (original, responsive, scaled, etc.)

    – Widget Functionality

    • A new interaction on the button widget to start a schedule / refresh data.
    • A new formula in chart allowing for category totals.
    • Button Ability to refresh data
    • Ability to rotate text widgets

    – Mobile Functionality

    • Improvements to handle larger dashboards and responsive layout.
    • iOS 11 support

    Roadmap for 2018

    Here are somethings on our radar for delivery in 2018:


    • Podio
    • YouTube 2.0
    • Quickbooks Desktop
    • Twitter Ads
    • MS SQL Analysis Services
    • Sharepoint
    • Freshdesk
    • ZOHO CRM


    • Pivot Table widget 2.0
    • Multiple sort on widgets
    • High/Low Stock Chart
    • Custom Widget 2.0 (create your own)
    • Bullet chart widget
    • Word cloud widget


    • Batch Security modifications of data and dashboards
    • Data flow designer
    • Post-processing of data
    • Data Explorer/Playground
    • Widget TemplateS

    And so much more!

    There is still time to send us your suggestions and ideas so let us know! Send an email to support[at]clicdata[dot]com today.