ClicData and QuickBooks Time Tracking together: Enhanced Dashboards for HR

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    How Well Are You Managing Your Time and Your Business On The Job?

    Think about it:

    • Do you have your time and resources under control?
    • Do you have to manage more apps than you want to?
    • Are all of them connected? Most of them?
    • Are they all digital?
    • Can you respond to your employee needs quickly?

    Let’s be honest. These days it’s easy to spend way too much time managing the tools of the job rather than doing your job. If you could cut down on the time you spend on the small stuff, you’ll get more things done, more quickly, and be able to put your attention on the big stuff, where it belongs.

    Goodbye, time-wasters. Hello, QuickBooks Time Tracking.

    QuickBooks Time Tracking is a 5-star web and mobile app designed for small businesses that facilitates time tracking, job assignment, and payroll for employees. For multi-tasking people who want to stay focused on the important stuff, it’s a must.

    • Work on a single platform.
    • Save time. Save money.
    • Easily integrated with other tools including, Xero, Sage, and ClicData.

    Wherever you are—at the office, on the commute, or at home—you can access your work information from either the mobile- or web-based app.

    Find out:

    • Who has clocked in and when?
    • Have people been on time for their shifts?
    • How many customers’ requests have been answered and how quickly?
    • Was Stephan’s overtime included in her last pay slip?
    • All the answers are available to you in a single, user-friendly app.

    How it works


    • All employees can clock in from a central location and single device with QuickBooks Time Tracking tablet-optimized Time Clock Kiosk. Employees simply enter their unique four-digit PIN and they’re ready to work.
    • Employees can clock in, take breaks, switch job codes, add photos and notes to timesheets, and clock out without missing a beat. QuickBooks Time Tracking mobile app is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.
    • Collecting timesheets has never been easier. Set up date reminders for your employees to submit their time.
    • Works as well in a central location as it does for employees working remotely.

    Job scheduling

    • Real-time communication. Assign a job and the employee gets notified on their mobile and has all the information they need to get started, like location, customer, start time, etc.
    • Know who’s available. A life-saver feature! See at a glance who’s available to assign those urgent missions.

    ClicData and QuickBooks Time Tracking:

    Illuminate All of Your Metrics With ClicData Dashboards

    Along with your QuickBooks Time Tracking data, you can quickly track, monitor, and respond to all of your business’ essential KPIs from your ClicData dashboard. QuickBooks Time Tracking and ClicData integration lets you streamline your employee-related tasks to reduce costs and save time.

    ClicData connects with 250+ data sources, so you can connect with and access all of your business and employee performance metrics like CRM, e-commerce, logistics, or accounting systems with one powerful dashboard system.  Stop wasting time switching from one app to another. Thanks to ClicData’s interactive dashboards and automated workflows, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done. And how much more in control you’ll feel.