ClicData Plus Xero: Put "Ahhhs" in your Accounting

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    Ask any entrepreneur, and it’s unlikely that their favorite part of growing a business is doing the accounting. Their plates are full. They’ve got countless important responsibilities and tasks to manage. And they battle for success from a variety of fronts. From operations and employee management to sales, marketing, and business strategy, their lists are long and their days are full.

    Let’s be honest: Even the bravest among business owners—those who do their own taxes and generate their own reports—would rather be in meetings moving projects forward or closing deals with customers and clients.

    But, like it or not, it’s critical to every entrepreneur’s success that they manage their financial story with speed, precision, and effectiveness.
    Making matters worse, if they are not accounting experts, business owners can easily choose the wrong accounting tools for the job. Are they able to monitor how their business is doing on demand? Are they confident in the accuracy of their calculations and reports? Can they translate the numbers into insights? Do they have any ability to forecast upcoming ebbs or flows in sales or demand that would help them seize opportunities, avoid loss, or set long-term goals?

    To be worth their salt—and the cost—accounting platforms ultimately need to provide the full range of user-friendly features that allow entrepreneurs to breathe that sigh of relief when they know that their financial concerns are handled.


    Introducing Xero for Small & Medium Businesses

    Xero accounting solution integrates with ClicData

    Xero is a full-featured, comprehensive cloud-based accounting tool for small and medium-sized businesses and accounting firms. The cloud-based cash-flow software lets you be in control of your business finances anytime, anywhere, with an internet-connected device.

    • Get up-to-the-minute accuracy of your cash positions
    • Get daily updates from your bank accounts and credit cards
    • Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper, department, or team
    • Easily create and send invoices with online payments and invoice reminders
    • Protect your business data
    • Improve project budgeting and gain critical insights into your business

    Xero lets you automate your key accounting functions, so they get done like clockwork. Its machine-learning-based automation means you receive invoice reminders automatically, your books are done more quickly and more accurately, and you can access a multitude of automated features to streamline and hone your accounting efforts.

    Perfect for your business

    Xero is used for virtually every type of business you can imagine—including yours. It’s being used in retail, e-commerce, nonprofits, legal, IT, hospitality, cafés, Amazon sellers, startups, construction, healthcare, farming, manufacturing, tourism, and real estate—just to name a few.

    Data protection

    Get your data fed directly from the financial institutions and software applications to your Xero platform. Untouched by human hands means more accuracy for your business. Xero provides a wide range of security and detection features so you are continuously tracking who does what. You also get alerted when issues are detected.

    Be in control

    Several tools, such as the assurance dashboard, reports on activity, account transactions, and journals help you monitor the integrity of your data anytime you want.

    Be mobile

    Accessible from virtually any internet-connected device, you can check in, monitor, manage, and review your financial picture anywhere, anytime.

    Use Xero with ClicData to Get More Control and More Reach

    Xero has partnered with ClicData to help you step up your accounting platform with more control, greater scope of business insights, and increased management power for your business.

    Connect, access, and get insights from all of your data

    ClicData is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) dashboard platform that puts fast, easy, and beautiful business dashboards on top of a powerful data warehousing and analytics engine.

    That means you can connect your business data from all across your organization, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, CRM, inventory systems, and Excel files, just to name a few. ClicData lets you connect to hundreds of applications, databases, and file types with, literally, a few simple clicks. That means you can stay informed about how all aspects of your business are performing, from sales, and marketing to accounting, and human resources.

    Open dashboard

    With that wealth of information, you can easily monitor the data, metrics, and key performance indicators that help you make smart decisions, and save time & money.

    Manage all of your Xero data from one place

    Connect multiple Xero accounts to track and monitor the performance of all your e-commerce sites.

    Work with data that’s up-to-the-minute current

    Never wonder again if your reports, metrics, and key performance indicators are reflecting the latest events and transactions. ClicData automatically refreshes your dashboards whenever your data sources are updated.

    Get in-depth financial reports tailored to your unique business

    Instead of limiting you to pre-defined, cookie-cutter KPIs, ClicData makes it easy to create customized reports that give you the KPIs that matter most to you and your business. Information is power; the insights gleaned from your ClicData dashboards can keep you informed of the metrics you need to get ahead in your industry.

    Enjoy beautiful dashboards that work hard for you

    ClicData’s interactive dashboards are easy to read and understand, yet provide features like filters, drill-down capabilities, easy collaboration, formula-building, and more to give you the information you need when you need it. You’ll make better decisions, faster, when you have powerful, actionable insights at your fingertips any time you want them.

    Expand and integrate with no downtime

    Adding a new data source? Upgrading your CRM? ClicData’s virtual data warehouse lets you add new interfaces and phase out old ones with ease. Your data continues to flow without downtime or any need to rewrite interfaces. Smooth as silk.

    Want to learn more? See how ClicData and Xero can save your business, department, or agency time and money.