ClicData i4, September Update

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    More features for you in September!

    Hi There ClicData Users,

    This month of September is packed with new features! Here is a taste of what has just come out.
    For more details on all the latest releases, simply have a look at our official i4 Status Page.

    MAPS !
    ClicData now allows you to visualize your data through maps! A very handy feature if you need to track your product performance across different regions for example, or to display statistics about certain epidemics’ evolution if you are working in this particular field.


    Click on the screenshot to try our new Map Widget

    New Charts Type

    • Time Slider Charts
      We also keep adding charts widgets to ClicData! Time series data can be long and require analysis from both a high-level and a detailed view. The Time Series Slider widget displays values for only one attribute, which is usually time-based, to limit the amount of data viewed at one time.
    • Scatter Charts
      This type of chart will be particularly useful when trying to determine whether 2 variables are related for example when trying to identify potential root causes of problems. Try it anytime you need to display paired numerical data.
    Click on the screenshot to see the new charts in full size

    Click on the screenshots to see the new charts in full scale.

    Maria DB
    Maria DB has now been added to the long list of connectors available in ClicData. Many of our customers store their data in a Maria DB database. We created a connector so that the data import from Maria DB can be secured and automated. It now only takes a couple of steps.

    Look out for our next update and keep sharing your feedback on the releases and what else you require for your dashboards.
    Happy Dashboarding!