ClicData i4 is coming! (Downtime Announcement)

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    Dear ClicData fans!

    As we are getting closer to the release date of the new ClicData, it is definitively time to shed some more light on what is going to happen in the following months!

    If you remember our complete presentation from a previous post, ClicData “i4” will feature a ton of improvements and changes to the application, which will be released progressively starting Nov 14th.

    So what is going to happen on D-Day, Nov 14th ?                                           

    ClicData will not be available for a few hours as we are upgrading the system. We don’t expect the downtime to take the full day and we will of course let you know on our social media channels  as soon as the upgrade is complete and log in is possible.

    • If you decide to sign up for a new account after the upgrade or if you currently are a on the Personal subscription, you get to enjoy the new ClicData right away: new face & new features.
    • If you are a user on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you will be able to use both versions until February 2015.

    An email with more details is coming your way very soon.

    In the following days, we will be releasing a series of blog posts covering the new functionalities, so stay tuned and happy dashboarding!