ClicData Feature Focus, i4 Gauge Widget, Date Picker

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    Hi there!

    This month we have released two exciting new widgets! Our Gauge indicator and a Date Picker.

    What can you achieve with them?

    So many things!

    Get yourself a project management dashboard and follow the status of your ongoing projects on the blink of an eye, follow warehouse stock levels etc.

    The new date range picker is also a very useful tool as you can set it up with a number of presets, in a simple click you will get your data sorted by your preferred date range!

    Both can be fully customized in terms of look (colors, font, size etc.) and properties (formulas as input, range, presets…).

    But as I often say, a good example is often worth a lengthy explanation, so why don’t I show them to you right away?

    Click on the screenshot below to access a demo dashboard with interactive widgets!

    You can use them for free through our personal plan, if you don’t have one already, it’s a good time to get one!

    If you want to know more about our gauge widget, check out our dedicated help section:

    See you soon and Happy Dashboarding !