Use ClicData and HubSpot for Custom Sales & Marketing Reporting

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    Less than two years after reaching 500 integrations, HubSpot announced that its App Marketplace is now home to over 1,000 integrations. Each integration is a tool that is designed to help customers better use HubSpot to improve their marketing, sales, services, and more. HubSpot and each of its integration partners is dedicated to helping clients streamline their workflows, improve their performance, and refresh marketing and sales processes.

    ClicData has become one of HubSpot’s top app integrations in Analytics & Data Software. ClicData is the world’s first 100% cloud-based Business Intelligence and data warehousing platform. It helps clients improve their performance reporting through data analytics and data visualization. ClicData empowers business managers to make data-driven decisions in sales, marketing, and business practices for their own customers.

    ClicData: Leading-edge Innovative Data Analytics Software

    ClicData is a data platform designed to help clients to make sense of their business data and turn it into insights to make better decisions. If you’ve been searching for a better way to centralize, mix, and automate your data, ClicData was designed for this very purpose.

    This SaaS, cloud-based platform is smart, easy, fast, innovative, leading-edge data analytics software. It allows you to easily and seamlessly connect, automate, mix, and visualize data received from hundreds of sources and view it in beautiful, efficient dashboards. With ClicData, you can:

    • Seamlessly connect with a wide variety of data sources, not only HubSpot but also Google Analytics, social media platforms, QuickBooks, and more. You can export data directly from data sources, systems, and tools, even if you know nothing of IT or coding.
    • Manage your data and do analytics with functionalities such as data cleansing, data combination and fusion, and data calculations to transform raw data into useful and actionable datasets that help you design meaningful KPIs.
    • Create fully customized dashboards and KPIs by using drag and drop features and 70+ widgets and charts. You can customize your data dashboards by creating interactive charts (using drill-downs, filters, calculated values, etc.) and combining many data sources in a single dashboard to efficiently measure the performance of your marketing, sales, customer service, and strategies.
    • Take advantage of powerful automation tools to create custom schedules for refreshing data and sending alerts, notifications, and dashboard publications through email, Slack, PDF, and more.
    • Invite internal and external users to collaborate with your data through live links to view dynamic dashboards with fresh data.

    HubSpot & ClicData To Improve Your Business & Performance Reporting

    If you’re someone looking for a way to improve your business and performance reporting, the integration of HubSpot and ClicData is for you.

    Enhanced Sales & Marketing Reporting

    HubSpot is a platform designed to act as a CRM with integrated inbound marketing tools. It includes marketing automation and analytics, and advanced CRM with meeting scheduling and payment options, a service hub for collecting customer feedback and providing a knowledge base, a CMS hub for creating website themes and implementing recommended SEO practices, and an operations hub where you can sync data and automates business processes.

    However, despite all of HubSpot’s benefits, it’s not complete. While it provides plenty of data gathered from its own tools, it isn’t able to integrate data gathered from other sources (Google, social media, etc.). For users who want to customize metrics, generate ad-hoc reporting, or combine data from a wide variety of sources, HubSpot can feel a bit limiting. That’s where ClicData comes in.

    ClicData will allow you to seamlessly integrate with HubSpot’s marketing tools to collect and customize data from HubSpot and other marketing sources. You can use ClicData to measure marketing performance through data analytics so that you can create effective and actionable KPIs and make better data-driven decisions.

    Some of the KPIs you can design and implement with help from ClicData include:

    • ROI per channel. Understanding your ROI for each channel is crucial to implementing the right marketing strategies. Use ClicData to figure out how effective your ROI is for each channel you use to market so that you can focus your marketing on the most effective channels. Create a KPI that measures how many leads you get with various marketing strategies on your most effective channels.
    • MQL to SQL conversion rate. Measure how many of your Marketing Qualified Leads are converting into Sales Qualified Leads to measure and quantify the quality of leads you’re getting from each source. Use KPIs to track the effectiveness of conversion tactics on various platforms.
    • Average time to close deals. Calculate how long it takes you to close deals with customers and set KPIs to improve closing times and increase the effectiveness of your use of urgency in ads and other channels.
    • Customer churn. Use ClicData to measure customer churn for set time periods and determine how you can more effectively market to and retain customers to improve your customer churn score.
    • Customer Acquisition Cost. Evaluate how much it costs you to acquire new customers using your various marketing methods. Set KPIs that will enable you to more effectively market on the channels that cost the least and save money by improving customer acquisition and customer retention.
    • Customer Lifetime Value. Calculate the customer lifetime value (i.e. how much revenue they will provide over the course of their lifetime with your company) you have in each customer that you acquire and retain. Use your understanding of lifetime value to reduce acquisition costs and set KPIs to increase retention for the most valuable customers.
    • MRR growth. Use ClicData to calculate your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Use that number to estimate how much you can make each month and set KPIs to improve the amount you make and increase your monthly revenue using better marketing tactics.
    • Revenue breakdown. Use ClicData to understand your revenue breakdown per region, segment, product, etc. Once you know the breakdown, you can more effectively design KPIs that ensure you get the most out of more lucrative areas and focus on marketing where it really matters.

    Take a look at essensys, for example. This company helps landlords automate and run their online property portfolios and office spaces more efficiently. Essensys was using HubSpot to manage its pipeline and digital marketing. However, the company was struggling to build a custom data analysis so that they could more effectively segment their data and track performance over time.

    To solve its data issues, essensys integrated ClicData into its HubSpot platform. In doing so, it was able to aggregate the data HubSpot collected and build more predictable ROI and reporting to use with stakeholders.

    “We engaged with ClicData to pull and aggregate our data from HubSpot together with time-sliced data.[…] We now have a single point of reference that the sales and leadership team can use to look at lead contribution and lead attribution.”

    Meyer Prinsloo, CMO at essensys

    For essensys, ClicData provided three important benefits:

    1. Great API integration with HubSpot to treat their data and turn it into meaningful marketing and sales KPIs.
    2. Robust automation services to automate their data refresh directly from HubSpot.
    3. A talented and professional Product Specialist to help them with their data and dashboard project.

    Create Ad-Hoc Reporting To Make Decisions Faster

    In some situations, it’s simply not helpful to view large aggregate data with no view to a specific issue. ClicData makes it easy to create ad-hoc reports so that you can directly address specific needs and issues. With ad-hoc reports that are automatically refreshed on a regular basis, you can answer business questions on the spot and make better, faster decisions. Some types of ad-hoc reports you can build include:

    • Conversion rates per channel or per campaign to better understand how each channel and campaign is working at helping you earn customers.
    • Lead and customer conversion rates for the month to date compared to last month so you can see if your conversion rates are remaining steady.
    • Churn per specific customer segment, industry, type, etc. so that you understand where your customers are coming from and what strategies are working best.

    ClicData offers a wide variety of sales dashboard templates you can use as well. For example, you can set up a Sales Forecast dashboard to view projected sales based on past data. Or, you can design a Sales Opportunities Overview dashboard to track leads through the sales funnel and envision how each sales opportunity is working for your sales team.

    customer retention and churn dashboard

    You can also create marketing dashboards like website traffic reports and performance by email reports to view how your marketing strategies are working for customers and what you need to change.

    customer acquisition dashboard example

    No matter what kind of reporting you’re looking for, ClicData can be there to organize your data, keep it clean, and help you set KPIs and make wise decisions for improving your business, saving money, and increasing your revenue over time.


    HubSpot is a fantastic platform if you’re looking to automate marketing tasks and campaigns, optimize your lead management practices, and understand customer engagement. However, despite its many benefits, it’s lacking in important data tracking and analytics software that will help you clean, organize and use your data most effectively.

    ClicData can help. ClicData’s powerful data platform will use HubSpot data as well as data gathered from a wide variety of other sources and marketing channels to create meaningful and customizable dashboards for you and your team. Using an integration of HubSpot and ClicData, to collect, organize, and implement data, your business is sure to thrive!

    If that sounds like just the thing for your company, connect HubSpot and ClicData today.