Looking for a Chartio Successor? ClicData to the Rescue

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    You probably heard the news: Chartio will be gone as of March 1, 2022.

    Atlassian recently announced its acquisition of Chartio, a cloud-based BI tool. The Australian company will integrate Chartio’s data-visualization engine into their products, starting with Jira.

    Although this is excellent news for Jira users—not so much for Chartio customers. They will be left without a BI tool to manage their data and their dashboards.

    If you’re looking for something to fill the Chartio void—something that you can quickly and easily move your data and dashboards to—this post is for you.

    What Are Your Options?

    Since Chartio will be shutting down, you’ll soon need to find a tool or combination of tools that can pick up where you left off with the BI tool. That means finding a place to store and manage your data and dashboards in their current shapes and formats.

    But there are countless options and alternatives for you to choose from, which doesn’t make your task any easier. This post should help accelerate the process for you.

    Where to Begin

    You have two configuration options: Purchase both a new data warehousing platform to store your data and a visualization tool to re-create your dashboards. But you need to make sure that they can work with each other.

    1. Purchase an all-in-one business intelligence (BI) tool that can host your data and dashboards as they were in your Chartio account.
    2. Now, it’s pretty clear what your easiest option is, that is, choosing the all-in-one BI tool. Having all the tools you need in one place will ensure a smoother transition and get your dashboards up and running in no time.

    Yes. ClicData can do that for you.

    Why is ClicData the Best BI Tool to Replace Chartio?

    If you’re testing a few data visualization tools—such as Tableau, Qlik, and Sisense—as well as data warehousing tools such as Snowflake, Panoply, and Teradata, you have probably discovered that it is requiring a lot of work and a much bigger budget than what you were allotted to Chartio.

    Easy transition of your account data

    The first step in your transition away from Chartio will be to pull your company data and account data from Chartio and import it into your new BI tool. Chartio has account administrators pull data using their Admin API.

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    Source: Chartio

    ClicData makes it even easier. Use ClicData’s WebService connector to retrieve all of your company and account data from Chartio and import it into ClicData in just a few minutes.

    With just a few clicks, your ClicData account will pretty much reflect what you had in Chartio with all your data connections, datasets, and users and teams’ permission rights.

    Hundreds of additional data connections available to you

    Then, if you want to add new data connections beyond the ones that Chartio offered, you can do that. ClicData provides 200+ native connectors to CRMs, financial systems, marketing tools, e-commerce platforms, databases, ERPs, and many more.

    How does ClicData store your data?

    ClicData stores your data in your own data warehouse for you to easily access and manage. You can organize your data in a variety of ways, including Private, Team, or Shared folders, and you can share it in the ways you want, with specific users or teams:

    Preview of ClicData’s data warehouse

    With your data gathered all in one place, you will be able to create a single source of truth for your entire company.

    Get your dashboards up and running in a day

    To help you recreate your Chartio dashboards in the new tool you’ve chosen, Chartio lets you download your dashboards in PDF form, which is helpful. But how long will it take to rebuild them there?

    With ClicData’s drag-and-drop Dashboard Designer, you’ll be able to get your new dashboards up and running in just a matter of hours.

    ClicData offers 70+ fully interactive, customizable visualization widgets that make it intuitive, clear, and easy to set up your dashboards. You can choose among maps, simple tables, drill-down tables, pivot tables, standard charts (pie, bar, area, line), funnels, treemaps, gauges, and quite a few pre-built filters. ClicData also gives you a number of advanced visualization widgets for you to choose from, including scatter plot charts, candlestick charts, and GANTT charts.

    You just might choose to take the opportunity to upgrade your dashboards with additional interactions, drill-down, and/or filtering options to enhance your user experience and data analysis.

    See our interactive dashboard examples

    ClicData’s feature-rich BI platform

    ClicData is an all-in-one BI tool that includes all the features you need and expect in an integrated business intelligence technology:

    Data management

    An extensive array of ETL features in ClicData’s platform makes it easy for you to reliably cleanse and prep your data for your reports. They include:

    • Data normalization
    • Data standardization
    • Data merge
    • Data fusion
    • Data grouping
    • Data combine
    • Data aggregation
    • Calculated columns
    data management clicdata
    ClicData’s data transformation interface

    Automated data refreshes and alerts

    As you know, your reports, dashboards, and KPIs are only as good as the data they draw from. If your data isn’t up-to-date, you can’t completely trust the results you get. ClicData folds in automatic data refreshes of your data. You can create custom schedules to refresh your data on specific days and times of the day and in the frequency of your choosing. Now you can trust what you see.

    new schedule clicdata
    Creation of a schedule

    Once your schedule is created, you can move on to the next task and forget about it with confidence your data will always be as fresh as it can be.

    ClicData also makes it easy to set automated email alerts on critical benchmarks—a drop in your sales, an abnormal churn rate, or budget deviations, for example—so you stay on top of your business activities and performance.

    Easy collaboration

    Sharing metrics and outcomes can play a big role in collaborating and empowering teams. ClicData lets you share your dashboards the way you want, through public and/or password-protected live links or through embedding dashboards in your internal portal. That way, your dashboard users get to see and work with the latest data.

    Or, if you prefer, you can send dashboard snapshots on scheduled emails. This can be very convenient if you want to share key metrics with partners, investors, or your entire organization.

    Mobile dashboards

    Dashboards are no longer only accessible through office desktops or TVs. Your teams need to be able to check their data, metrics, and insights on the go, wherever they are. ClicData understands how important that is. ClicData dashboards are available on mobile and tablet apps and can be fully designed for small devices.

    Expert Services support a smooth transition

    If you need help migrating your data and dashboards from Chartio to ClicData, our Expert Services team is here to help. We can manage your data integration needs for you and get your account set up in just a few days.

    Our Expert Services also provide additional support options, including:

    • Onboarding sessions to get you and your team on track quickly
    • Project management. We set up your data connections, do all the data processing and dashboard building.
    • Dedicated BI Manager. Your main point of contact for all of your projects, your Dedicated BI Manager, will go beyond basic support by providing you with expert tips and insights to better manage your reporting.

    100% cloud-based. Highly secure.

    Chartio was a cloud-based BI tool, so you’re already familiar with cloud systems security standards.

    ClicData has partnered with Microsoft Azure, the leading global hosting and infrastructure provider, ensuring the highest security and data protection standards for our customers. ClicData offers the ability to host data on multi-tenant servers in the U.S. and in Europe. If you’re dealing with large volumes of data or sensitive data, you can have your dedicated server in the country of your choosing. See more information about our Platinium Plan.

    ClicData complies with key data protection regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and FedRamp. Learn more in our Trust Center.

    Transparent pricing

    So, how much will all these features cost you?

    At ClicData, we like to keep things simple and transparent. You can get the ClicData BI platform starting at $71/month, including 10 users, unlimited dashboards, access to ClicData’s web applications connectors, and a free hour of onboarding training. View detailed plan comparisons feature by feature.

    And if you still have questions about our plans, our team—made up of real humans—is here to chat.


    Final Words

    Now that Chartio is going away, every BI tool on the market is claiming to be its best replacement. (Guilty!) So, finding the right fit for your business might be tricky.

    ClicData is an excellent Chartio replacement choice because you can migrate your data and recreate all of your dashboards in a matter of hours, with or without our help. But there’s more. You will also benefit from the platform’s extensive data management, automation, and collaboration features to enhance your reporting.

    Our Expert Services team is also here to help you make the transition as easy and seamless as possible.

    Finally, you get all of the above for a fraction of our competitor’s price.

    Our free trials include all connectors and features so that you can test the platform inside and out and make an informed decision that meets your needs.

    Ready to get started?