Carrefour Brazil Optimizes Stock and Sales Reporting With ClicData

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    Learn how Carrefour, a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation streamlined their stock and sales reports with ClicData, a data management and analytics platform.

    About Carrefour Brazil

    Carrefour Brazil is the Brazilian subsidiary of Carrefour, a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation. With a strong presence in Brazil, Carrefour Brazil operates a wide range of stores including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and e-commerce platforms totalling over 1200 locations.

    The company offers a diverse range of products and services to cater to the needs of its customers in Brazil. Committed to delivering quality products, competitive prices, and a convenient shopping experience, Carrefour Brazil strives to meet the evolving demands of Brazilian consumers.

    About ClicData

    ClicData is a robust data management and analytics platform that enables organizations to gather, analyze, and visualize their data in a user-friendly manner. It offers a wide range of features including data integration, data modelling, dashboard creation, and data sharing capabilities.

    Challenge: Providing Reliable Sales Data To 444 Suppliers In A Timely Manner

    Carrefour has more than 440 large suppliers working with data from more than 1,200 stores in Brazil. Carrefour provides their suppliers with detailed reports on sales that go down to the SKU level by store grouped or filtered by 20 other possible criteria.

    With data ranging in the billions of rows in volume, loaded each day from Carrefour’s Google Cloud environments, they were challenged to load, process and provide this information within a short time window to their suppliers via their supplier portal.

    Additionally, they wanted to manage and report on available stock as well as to provide a forecasting tool for their suppliers based on sales data as well as the supplier’s own data.

    Solution: Managing and Communicating The Data With One Complete Platform

    After attempting different tools such as Tableau and Looker, they turned to ClicData which facilitates pre-processing at different stages of the pipeline.

    Paulo Henrique, the Technical Lead for this project, states:

    “Our first step was not visualization and dashboards but ensuring that the data pipeline was able to handle the massive amount of data we need to process in a short amount of time each day.”

    Paulo Henrique, Technical Lead on the project

    For this, the Carrefour team needed to optimize the pipeline and partition the data so that tasks could be processed in parallel, decreasing the data synchronization time.

    On why they have selected ClicData he goes on to say:

    “There is currently no other tool in the market with the complete data processing, data integration, and data management capabilities than ClicData. The fact that it also comes with a dashboard and report designer among other facilities that allowed the integration of our forecast application, all this within an acceptable budget, allowed us to take this step in full confidence.”

    Paulo Henrique, Technical Lead on the project

    The Outcome: Fully Automated Data Processing and Dashboards Shared With All Suppliers

    Data processing takes place each day in a window of 5 hours complete with validation and cleansing. All suppliers have access to their new data by 08:00. There are more than 3 billion lines from 24 months of data, processed daily using ClicData’s transformation resources.

    Sales Dashboard

    The sales reporting provides suppliers with location, store, and product (all the way down to the SKU level) reporting in units. Suppliers can filter and visualize or export this data directly from ClicData dashboards. The key dashboards provide over 20 filters and dimensional reporting criteria.

    blog carrefour brasil use case ventes
    Example of a sales report

    Stock Management Dashboard

    Allowing suppliers access to the stock levels at different locations provides them better visibility of when to manufacture and restock their products. This comprehensive dashboard allows over 15 filters and drill-down options to give them a focused view of their stock.

    blog carrefour brasil use case
    Example of a stock management report


    In addition to the traditional reporting and analytics, Carrefour also tacked on a collaborative forecasting system directly on ClicData. Using Data Streams and our API, the integration provides a forecasting process that delivers forecasts over specified periods based on several criteria and assumptions.

    blog carrefour use case forecast
    Example of the different filters on a forecast report

    What’s The Impact Of ClicData For Carrefour?

    4 months of implementation time vs.
    14 with competing solutions

    20% saved on
    total project cost

    With ClicData, Carrefour was able to deliver a full supplier data management and analytics solution in just 4 months, 10 months faster compared to previous projects that attempted to deliver the solution using competitor solutions and at 20% of the cost of those projects.

    Additionally, they were able to convert their pipelines to perform 40% faster allowing them to switch from weekly or bi-weekly data to daily data refreshes.

    Finally, they were able to couple their forecast application directly on ClicData.

    One Data Management and Analytics Solution For Maximum Impact

    By implementing ClicData, Carrefour created a new service for their suppliers as well as a new revenue stream and unlocked the full potential of their data own data to leverage it and gain a competitive edge in the retail industry.

    The capabilities of ClicData provided the necessary functionality to meet all of Carrefour’s demands at an acceptable budget and on time.

    If you’re interested in learning more about ClicData functionalities and testing it in your own organization, give it a try today!