Cannes film Festival!

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    This week, we will take you to the movies and entertain you with key facts about one of the fanciest festival ever.

    Welcome to Cannes!

    Fancy means popular, last year over 200,000 visitors, professionals and fans took a walk on the Croisette to support their favorite movie while about a million of tweets commented on the event.

    Fancy also means no regards for great travelled distances as the festival attracted people from 28 countries in 2014.

    Fancy is not the only reason for such magnetism. It matters because key stakeholders of the movie industry get to set the tone of what’s brilliant over what’s mediocre. It’s about the quality of actors and the quality of the film techniques and it’s about being together to celebrate the art of film making.

    Thousands of films are submitted to the Cannes Film Festival every year, and the selection committee watches every one of them. In the end, only about 50 feature films and 30 short films are included in the Official Selection, the main body of work that is the center of the festival.

    For a film to make it to the selection and be part of the Competition, it must have been produced during the 12 months leading up to the festival, it can’t already have been presented in any international context and most importantly the film must “respect the aims of the Festival as defined in Article 1” of the Cannes Rules and Regulations:

    The spirit of the Festival de Cannes is one of friendship and universal cooperation. Its aim is to reveal and focus attention on works of quality in order to contribute to the progress of the motion picture arts and to encourage the development of the film industry throughout the world.

    Out of competition movies will also be displayed: they usually are first-time films, showing experimental techniques, and progressive trends showing up in the work of established directors but not yet recognized in mainstream cinema.

    So much to say from a few statistics…let’s see what this year’s festival brings us.


    Happy Movies and happy Dashboarding!