But, What is a Dashboard?

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    Hello folks!

    Every day at ClicData, we get into a lot of very interesting discussions about dashboards, reports, the use of cloud technology etc.

    While a lot of our users know their way around those topics, some of them have a beginner approach to them. They usually see our example page on our website and have a lot questions about dashboards; how to create them, why is it interesting to use them for their business etc.

    For a lot of small companies, their use is not as obvious as for some medium and large businesses. Using dashboards usually comes when your company reaches a certain size and you have to start managing more and more factors.

    So, based on those conversations, we have decided to create a website, http://www.whatisadashboard.net which will answer a lot of those questions such as:

    • What is a dashboard?
    • Why does your business need one?
    • What is Data visualization?
    • Some Business dashboards Tips



    We also provide live, interactive examples of business dashboards to illustrate our explanations! (All made with ClicData of course 😉 )

    Don’t hesitate to take a look and tell us what you think, we plan to update whatisadashboard.net every month or so with more content coming from your feedback and questions.

    And we encourage you share it with your friends and colleague if you think dashboards can be useful for them, everybody can still sign up for a free ClicData Account right there!


    Happy Dashboarding!