Business Efficiency with proper reporting: how do you know you are efficient?

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    Business Efficiency with proper reporting. That sentence makes a great lead line. It sounds strong and important. It speaks with authority. It feels like it is a serious sentence written by serious people. It is also the opening line of the title (minus a hook to convince you to care).

    Now for what is really happening. First everything you just read was wordy and redundant. It is obvious given the title that it was written to prove a point.

    Here is the problem; If the topic had been different even the redundancy of the title and the opening line might have slipped past some readers, or they may have accepted it as a “stylistic” decision. In error or in practice redundancy has no place in business except where there are safety concerns, like at NASA. But it happens, and that is just one of the things a successful business or organization needs to see happening in real-time in order to cut costs and put a stop to bad practices.

    So how can management and administrators, or quality control and loss prevention agents see what is happening? It is not always as blatant as that opening example and can require professional specialization to recognize what is going on.

    Consider this series of approaches which, working in combination, can clear the way and provide a direct and accessible approach to gathering and then putting those data to work.

    Real-time is not just another buzzword. If you can’t see what is happening you can’t adjust for effectiveness or prevent unwanted outcomes.

    Connection. Data points need to be taken together holistically. Knowing production, for instance, is suffering doesn’t matter if you don’t have your data in one place so you can connect the dots and see how operations are working together or against each other to cause the discrepancies.

    Communication. Companies are not staffed by machines, at least not yet, and even when they are, discourse between agents within that company will always be absolutely critical to efficient functionality.

    Accessibility. All the data and connection, the hard work that makes collaboration so effective are wasted if you can’t see what you are working with.

    These are the keys to solving problems. Figuring out how to combine these things together so that adjustments can be made to procedures and operations is the way to efficiency. At ClicData, we have developed a business intelligence tool that brings all of this together in a way that gives companies implementing our technology an edge over their competitors.