Build Powerful Traffic Dashboards In 4 Steps

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    Google Analytics world 1st used tool to track website traffic and conversions mostly because it’s free and very thorough. You can find a LOT of information, maybe too much.

    It takes a little bit of practice and time to familiarize yourself with Google Analytics interface. If you want to go deep into your traffic analysis, you really need to be focused because you can easily get lost in the ocean of data. This is why almost every Data Analytics and BI tools like ClicData offer a connection to Google Analytics, to help you select the right data sets and stay on top of your marketing activities. Now you can take your Google Analytics data where you really want it to go.

    Build your ClicData dashboard in 4 simple steps

    ClicData doesn’t replace Google Analytics but can help you make more sense out of your website traffic data. Choose the data that you want to analyze, create your custom dashboard with interactive charts to get deeper insights into your visitors’ behavior. Learn how in this article or by watching our webinar.

    Here’s all it takes to get started with ClicData:

    1. Connect your data from Google Analytics, databases, and most other popular platforms.
    2. Upload your data to our dedicated data warehouse, where you can prepare the data any way you need to.
    3. Run it through our visualization engine and create dashboards that are both stunning and practical.
    4. Share your insights and metrics with anyone, anywhere.

    1. Connect your Google Analytics data

    • Select our Google Analytics “connector” as the type of data you want to connect. Later, you can choose from a wide array of other datasets to connect as well. You can connect your marketing automation tools as well as your emailing applications, campaign accounts, and even your CRM system to see which activity or channel brings more leads and money to your business.
    • Choose the data, such as your website, that you want to analyze.
    • Select which data and metrics that you want to work with. With our Google Analytics integration, you can work with your traffic, Adwords, Adsense and e-commerce data.
    • Schedule a frequency for your automated data refreshes, such as weekly, daily or hourly. This will depend on the type of data you are analyzing and the usage of your dashboard.

    2. Use advanced widgets to learn more about your visitors behavior

    • Create filters, such as date ranges, to compare performance periods. You can either use our pre-set date pickers or add your custom date range. In the webinar, we chose to add a 3-month period to our list.
    • Build an interactive map of where your traffic comes from.
    • Use supplied widgets to place charts, gauges, and indicators into your dashboard.
    • Format your charts so they are readable and easy to understand.
    • Build powerful website behavior indicators using formulas within the charts.
    • You’re now able to build interactivity among multiple widgets to drill down deeply and get more insights.
    • Use bullet charts to compare your results to your goals.
    • Link multiple dashboards for easy navigation. If you’re running multiple social accounts, you can also create dashboards within ClicData and link them to your Google Analytics report. Everything you need for your reporting is centralized.

    3. Share your dashboard with your team, manager or client

    A dashboard becomes truly meaningful when it’s shared and viewed by multiple users.

    • With ClicData, you can easily share your interactive dashboards with our LiveLinks working on every device and browser.
    • You can also embed them into your customer portal with a simple iframe that will render like this:

    4. Rebind your dashboard for multi-site analysis

    • If you manage multiple websites, you can rebind the dashboard you built and use it with a different dataset.

    That’s every Consultant’s dream come true: create your dashboard template once and rebind it for every single one of your customers.  

    You can also watch our webinar to see how easy and fast it is to build your Google Analytics dashboard here:

    What is ClicData?

    ClicData is the world’s first 100% cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that makes it easy, fast, and intuitive to track your website traffic. Delve deeper and get more powerful insights from your traffic analysis so you have more control over your business and its productivity. Enjoy insightful, custom, interactive website traffic dashboards that deliver the metrics you need to make better decisions and steer your business to success.

    ClicData is a robust platform in use on almost every continent in the world. Partnering with many of today’s most popular productivity apps, ClicData allows you to combine virtually all of your business data so you get more accurate and more actionable insights than ever. It has received 4.5 stars from G2Crowd and a 94% recommendation rate from Capterra.