ClicData Aurora Release: New Features, UI & Much More

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    Every month, our product team brings new features, connectors, and visualization widgets to our platform. But Release Update 2020.10 launched on December 8th, 2020, is one of the biggest product updates we introduced in a long time.

    This release represents a rare event to us, almost as rare as Aurora Australis in polar regions of the world and that is why we named it Aurora.

    The Aurora Release introduces a lot of new features, UI improvements and it sets the ground for new features coming in 2021.

    You can discover all the changes by watching our webinar or reading this blog post.

    User Roles

    Until today we only had 3 types of users; Admins, Editors, and Viewers.  Well, now you can create your own types such as; Dashboard Editors, Data Administrators, Schedule Managers, Dashboard Viewers, Data Viewers, and any other combination.

    By setting the permission of each functionality we have to offer you can restrict or extend access to any part of ClicData. You can even block users from logging in and only view dashboards via live links.

    You assign a single Role to a User either via user administration, Role administration, or via the API or User Import feature.

    New User Roles Clicdata

    Learn how to set User Roles


    We have worked hard to ensure that folders are not only a useful way to organize your data, dashboards, binders and other items, but that are also easy to use and secure. 

    Personal Folders

    Personal Folders are private to the person that created them – the owner. The owner can add other users to the dashboard, binder, data, or data flow as a viewer or an editor. The other users will see the shared item in the Shared folder.

    Shared Folders

    This is where you see all items that have been shared to you by other users.

    Shared Folder Clicdata

    Team Folders

    Team Folders can be created only by those that have the permission to do so and he/she becomes the owner of the team folder. The Team folder owner can add other users to the folder as a viewer or an editor of that folder.  Editors can manage subfolders and add items to them while Viewers can’t.

    All users that can view or edit Team Folders will also be able to see items inside the folders that they have permission to see. For example, in the diagram shown, Bob below will be able to see Dashboard X because Bob has permissions to the Dashboard AND also to the Folder. However, Bob will not be able to access Dashboard Z since Bob does not have permission to Folder 2.

    Folder Security Clicdata

    Learn how to set up your folder security

    New Menu System

    We didn’t just change the look and feel, we introduced new features to make ClicData your custom company portal.

    You can create a menu navigation going down to 3 levels of menus. You can display dashboards, binders, or even HTML pages and make them visible to everyone or specific users in your organization.

    In this example, we built 3 tabs for Sales, Finance, and Logistics departments. You can choose to make all tabs visible to the top management and give the sales teams access to one tab, “Sales”.

    Clicdata New Menu

    Learn how to set your custom menu

    Customizable Home Page

    The home page has also been revamped!

    You can now define what your users see first as soon as they log in. Maybe you want to have all your users see a specific dashboard or binder, some web content, or maybe your first menu item.

    By default, the new home page will be set to the user’s favorite dashboards:

    Custom Homepage Clicdata Dashboards

    This is a preview of a home page displaying Binder:

    Custom Homepage Clicdata Binder

    Learn how to customize your homepage

    OpenID Integration for Secure & Faster Login

    Openid Integration Office365 Login Clicdata

    OpenID is a highly secure and popular method of enabling Single Sign-On across your organization. ClicData now fully supports OpenID in addition to LDAP/AD and SAML.

    With OpenID, giving access to your Office 365 users is easy and painless. 

    Using this feature you are now able to make sure your users use your company account to access all their dashboards.

    Learn how to set up your OpenID integration

    Data Versioning Restore

    In addition to the capability of rolling back your data set to a specific point, you can now create a copy of any version into a new table. This feature is great to compare different versions of the data.

    Data Versioning Restore Clicdata

    Custom Region Maps Management

    On your region map widget, you can now delete, rename, download GeoJSON and update the Custom maps.

    Region Map Geojson Clicdata

    Persist Filters and Input Settings During Session

    If your dashboards contain input widgets such as Filter Panels, Dropdowns, Date Ranger Pickers, or any other input widgets, you’ll love this new feature.

    You can now enable the “Persist Selections” option in your input widget’s properties which will recall all selections after navigating away from the dashboard and then returning back to that dashboard.

    Persist Filter Dashboard Input Widgets Clicdata

    For example, the dashboard below is filtered by date and Sales rep. With the Persist Selections on, you can leave and come back to the dashboard without losing your filters. 

    Dashboard Designer Clicdata

    You can now leave your dashboard to work on your data, tasks, schedules with confidence.

    Revamped Interface: More Space, Better UX, and Future Expansions

    We are refactoring all screens using the latest frameworks and technology in order to get a modern look, improve its usability and build a smooth experience across the entire platform. We also did some modifications to the menu, like splitting dashboards and binders into two separate screens.

    Now that Binders can contain more than your dashboards, we decided to move them to a new screen with a duplicated folder structure from the previous “Dashboard & Binders” screen.

    Dashboard Binders Clicdata

    If you had a Binder in a folder called “Marketing” shared with your team, you will now have this same “Marketing” folder in both screens.

    Better Dashboard Viewer

    Below is the new Dashboard and Binder Viewer which removes all distracting menus and action items to help you focus on what really matters: your KPIs. You can expand the dashboard, view it in full-screen, export or print it, and change its layout.

    Clicdata New Dashboard Viewer

    Refactored Teams and Users screens

    You now have a clean view of your account’s Teams, and Users’ roles and Teams they belong to. Thanks to the new framework, you will see our screens change going forward to adopt a modern and more consistent design.

    Team User Screens


    We couldn’t be more excited about this release as it includes a LOT of great changes, features and improvements that we hope you’ll enjoy.

    Our product and customer service teams are working hand in hand to make sure our product evolves according to your needs. We are building this robust platform having your reporting and data analytics needs in mind. If you see anything that can be improved or think of a new feature that can add value to your business, please shoot us an email at support[at]clicdata[dot]com.

    We’ll be more than happy to talk about your needs and include that feature into our roadmap.

    Speaking of the roadmap, you can see an overview of our plans for Q1 and Q2 of 2021 in our webinar: click here to go directly to that part of the webinar.

    Happy dashboarding!