5 Dashboards That Will Improve Your Business

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    There are all sorts of dashboards that can tell you more about your business. This allows you to be in the know without having to wait on long and drawn out reports that can take hours or even days to compile.

    Labor Dashboard
    Get a look at the labor costs in real-time. As everyone clocks in and out, you can see what the cost of labor is. It will allow you to make cuts as needed so you can stay within your budget.

    Sales Dashboard
    Find out what your sales are looking like. You may be able to make changes immediately in order to impact sales for the day, such as an instant text message to customers or a post on social media.

    Strategic Dashboard
    Obtain aggregate metrics to find out the overall health of the business. Identify the details you need to know and they can be on the dashboard.

    Call Center Dashboard
    If you work in a call center or simply want to focus on the level of customer service being provided to people who call in, this kind of dashboard can tell you a lot. You can see a live view of how long callers are on hold, who the person answering the most calls is, and the length of the average call.

    Open Tickets Dashboard
    Helpdesks can benefit from an open ticket dashboard. This can tell you how IT or any other department is doing with regards to dealing with problems from customers or employees.

    If you need help setting up a dashboard like of these, feel free to take a look at your Dashboards Gallery Page, or import them directly to your ClicData account!