4 Secrets to Data-Driven Marketing Success

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    Marketers have never been so flush with tools to digitize, capture, measure, analyze and report on market factors and behaviors. Data-driven marketing has become a crucial factor for success in today’s extremely competitive economic landscape.

    For good reason.

    When surveyed, marketers report that data-driven marketing campaigns deliver demonstrably increased ROIs compared to other campaigns.

    Users benefit from improved market segmentation, from more-targeted campaigns and from personalized messaging, all of which have measurably increased the impact of their efforts.

    But along with the benefits come challenges.

    The plethora of platforms and mix of technologies cry out for a unified platform and more user-friendly methods to access and parse the data.

    Managers are flustered by the diversity or incongruity of data among internal departments that hinders the flow of information. Overwhelmed with information, business leaders are often entranced with information and miss the opportunities that are presented to formulate real and actionable use of their data.

    These four smart tips can keep your data-driven marketing efforts on track to success.

    1. Ask great questions

    Be willing to challenge yourself with exacting questions about how you approach marketing measurement. Consider that the answers to your questions may require you to examine processes more deeply or take steps you’d prefer not to take. But arming yourself with the true measurements of your department’s marketing performance, you’ll gain the confidence to seek out true strategic winners.

    2. Use enterprise-ready tools

    Review your marketing analytics technologies for their ability to connect diverse platforms and data sets and extract the metrics you need to drive your marketing efforts. Can it be used by members of different departments and across decision-making levels? Can users easily share results with others, from managers to the C-suite?

    3. Have performance results at your fingertips

    Success is more and more contingent on the ability to make more and more precise decisions more and more frequently. CMOs at many successful firms make allocation decisions virtually every day based on performance. Having ready access to those performance results makes that possible.

    4. Tout your success

    Show off the results of your data-driven efforts with data visualization reports that highlight your boosted sales, increased revenues, return on investment, and improved effectiveness of campaigns.

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