3 Types of Marketing Metrics That Prove Your Worth to Clients

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    Are your clients lost in the digital forest looking for the path to success? With hundreds of look-alike trail markers to choose from, it’s hard to know which marketing campaign metrics to map and track. Are you leading your clients properly through the trees, the footpaths, and streams with the correct marketing metrics?

    As a digital marketing agency, you know your clients want quick results and sometimes become disappointed if their investment doesn’t result in an immediate explosion of leads and sales.

    So you’ll need to demonstrate the value of your leadership with the signposts of your romp through the digital woods. Prove your worth to your clients with a digital marketing dashboard before they take a hike on their own and truly lose their way.

    Start with a digital marketing dashboard template and build it with measurable and timely stepping-stones marking the path to your client’s goals and objectives. Identifying signposts along the trail will help your clients understand the intricate process you’re building over time.

    Detail your long-term strategy with hard data and metrics in marketing client reports that show how you’re edging your way toward their business objectives. Every metric you choose to track progress is a rock or a tree on the path through the thicket. You’ll need to flag and explain each trail marker so they’ll truly believe they should trust you as their guide.

    So let’s get our hiking boots on and identify the metrics you need to reassure your clients that your digital marketing plan will lead them to success.

    Website Traffic Metrics

    As you set off, look for your first trail marker – an overall increase in website traffic.

    This signpost is not just an ordinary rock at the side of the path. It has granular qualities. Look closely and break it down further.

    Track the number of unique visitors, the amount of mobile versus desktop traffic, and referral sources. Rank the most valuable keywords and make adjustments in content to optimize search.

    Conversion Metrics

    You’re deep in the woods now. The foliage is so thick that your customer is worried they won’t get out. Reassure them with several conversion metrics.

    Compare what is or isn’t working to keep website visitors interested and engaged. Track the average time spent on the site and on the top landing pages, the number of downloads, the bounce rate, and the number of completed forms or cart checkouts. Perhaps most important, is the rate of return visitors, indicating that potential customers are in the research phase of their buying journey.

    Return on Investment Metrics

    You’re near the clearing, but now you need to find the most important trail marker of all. Which metrics prove your digital marketing plan is driving sales and generating revenue? Look for the classic markers proving a return on investment (ROI). Demonstrate the paths that website visitors take to become leads and buyers. Create marketing client reports showing the cost and revenue per visitor, per lead and per customer.

    Adding reports such as a Facebook Performance dashboard will help clients see how your campaigns are delivering ROI from social channels too.

    facebook overall performance dashboard

    Aim for a higher revenue per customer than revenue per lead or visitor. Overall, if your digital marketing plan generates more revenue than your fees, they’ll know you’re worth it.

    Did you and your clients find all the right trail markers? Were the metrics you chose solid, easy-to-find rocks in the streams you crossed?

    Make it easy for your client to follow you and those trail markers by aggregating your metrics on one easy-to-use map – a marketing dashboard that shows a bird’s eye view of the forest and the path to success.