a unique data analytics solution for retailers

Simplify and streamline your decision-making process with a unique analytics solution for your sales, marketing, inventory, operations performance tracking.

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Fast Data Acquisition,
Faster Decisions

  • Omni-channel analysis: reconcile your customer journey data from all your points of sales, stores and online and offer tailored experience.
  • ROI tracking: measure with accuracy your ROI on multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Operational efficiency: unify marketing, sales, revenue, inventory data in a single place to streamline processes and improve your operations performance.
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Omni-channel retailers

Get a consolidated view of your sales performance from multiple stores, easily drill-down to each store data whenever you need it. Track your marketing ROI per channel to optimize ad spend with more agility. Keep historical data to build more accurate demand forecast and manage your inventory more efficiently.

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eCommerce pure-players

Track your best performing customer acquisition source and best performing products in a single dashboard. Combine search queries from search engine and your website to improve your products visibility and increase your conversion rates. Analyze the impact of price changes on the volume and average value of orders.

Track Marketing ROI With Accuracy

Your marketing budget is under scrutiny.
Manage your budget and campaigns by monitoring conversion rates and with an accurate, reliable and real-time ROI. Pivot strategies and budgets more efficiently to stay ahead of competition.

Make Sense of Multi-Channel Data

Your customers are engaging with your brand on multiple touchpoints - social media, ads, website, store, SMS, emails. With ClicData, get a better understanding of the impact of each touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

Consolidate Sales Performance

Pulling sales or inventory spreadsheets for each POS is not a sustainable way to conduct a business in a fast evolving sector. Get a summary overview of your sales value, items sold, store footfall and website traffic every day at a glance.

Improve Operations Efficiency

Align your marketing, purchasing and supply departments on a single source of truth. With ClicData's all-in-one solution, you are able to unify your organization and build an cross-functional performance analytics.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Sample KPIs and metrics for all your organization's teams and departments.

  • Traffic Acquisition

    Monitor your website traffic acquisition sources: social media, ads, referral, organic. 

  • Store footfall

    Measure the number of customers visiting your physical stores for a given period and area.  

  • Return on investment

    Track your overall marketing ROI and break it down to each channel, segment.

  • Customer Retention

    Keep track of total and percentage of returning customer, recurring revenue, top engaged segment. 

  • Sales Performance

    Track the volume of orders, average orders value, compare new vs returning customers, top segments. 

  • Order Fulfilment

    Track your fulfilment rate, return rate and average delivery time to optimize your internal processes.

  • Inventory Management

    Monitor your inventory turnover ratio, average days to sell inventory, accuracy of forecast demand.

  • Profitability

    Measure your gross and net margin, cost of goods sold (COGS), net income and more. 

Customer Stories

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Marsham International Foodbrokers

Marsham International Food Brokers chose ClicData to facilitate their data consolidation and management. They now can connect, cleanse their data, build and share their dashboards with a single tool.


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