Tie your marketing and sales
performance with revenue metrics

You are the top revenue drivers of your business. ClicData helps you understand the buyer journey from the awareness stage to conversion, and how much revenue has been generated or the value of your sales pipeline.

Struggling to understand the impact of your multi-channel strategy on business growth?

Most marketing and sales teams share this massive pain. But why?

  • Siloed view of your metrics: marketing and sales teams work with dozens of different systems and run multi-channel campaigns. How can you extract valuable insights with siloed metrics and built-in analytics?
  • No clarity on the customer journey: if you don't connect your marketing channels in one place, how can you know where your bucket is leaking?
  • Marketing, sales, and revenue metrics are disconnected: tying your marketing data with your CRM and finance data is critical to optimizing your budget in an ever-changing market.

But the future is bright!

With ClicData's complete data management and analytics platform, you can finally reconcile your marketing, sales, and financial data.

This is your first step to amplify the impact of all your marketing and sales strategies!

Multi-channel reporting

Marketing tools’ and CRM's metrics are rarely enough to paint the full picture. Go beyond any limitations and build the metrics that will prove your worth to the rest of the business.

Complete customer journey analysis

Portray your customer journey from first touchpoints on social media, your website, or events, all the way to becoming paying or return-customers.

Customer satisfaction monitoring

Identify potential areas of improvement in your customer service and support to increase customer loyalty. Connect your call center, ticketing systems, and online customer reviews to make the necessary changes quickly.

Reliable Marketing ROI

Confidently report on your marketing ROI per campaign and channels to your CEO, CFO or board by connecting your marketing, sales, CRM, and financial data in one platform.

Use Case

Fitness Park measure their marketing ROI with more efficiency

  • Improved data quality
  • Refined customer segmentation
  • Unlocking customer behavior insights
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns and ROI

Typical questions marketing and sales teams answer confidently with ClicData

We work with hundreds of marketing and sales teams in B2B and B2C businesses across all sectors. With ClicData, they finally have the answers to all their questions:

  • How much have we spent on advertising in total and per channel?
  • How is our follower base growing across all social media platforms over time?
  • What content resonates the most with our audience? Where do they consume the content? 
  • On average, how many interactions does it take to convert a visitor into a lead?
  • How many touchpoints does it take to convert a lead into a closed-won?
  • How much revenue was generated by marketing or sales campaigns? 
  • What is the ROI per campaign, or channel?

Measure performance with meaningful metrics...


  • Total Ad Cost

    Quickly monitor your total ad spend across all channels and platforms to stay in control of your budget. 

  • Ads CTR

    Monitor the quality and relevancy of ad copy to your targeted audience. 

  • Conversion rates

    From visitor to lead or subscriber, from "at risk" to "reactivated", from MQL to Opportunity, and Closed won—track conversions throughout the funnel. 

  • Follower growth

    Keep track of your followers' growth on social media to increase your brand's visibility and reach. 

  • Marketing touchpoints

    Get insights into your prospects' journey or the number of interactions with your brand before they become first-time customers or marketing qualified leads. 

  • Email campaign CTR

    Get the full picture of your email campaigns' CTR at a glance.  

  • ROI

    Easily measure the return of your marketing and sales investments at the campaign and channel level. 

  • NPS

    NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and measures the likelihood your customers would recommend your brand. 


  • Opportunities

    Track the number of opportunities per sales rep and per region.  

  • Win Rate

    Measure the conversion rate of your sales reps' opportunities into paying customers for specific periods. 

  • Revenue

    Track revenue generated by sales person, product category, per region. 

  • Revenue vs Target

    Track the progress of your generated revenue against targets. 

  • YoY Revenue Growth

    Monitor the evolution of your revenue year over year (YoY) to understand how your business grows. 

  • Pipeline size and value growth

    Calculate the number of deals and the value of all deals in your pipeline to measure your average order value. 

  • Sales cycle

    Measure the average number of days or touchpoints it takes for your sales team to convert their deals into customers. 

  • Underperformers

    Identify your under performing sales reps to quickly jump in and help them improve their outreach methods and results. 

We are DMA partners

ClicData is a Data & Marketing Association (DMA) partner to equip marketing teams and agencies globally with tools and resources to enable them to get more value from their data.

This partnership is key in the industry to help marketing professionals generate more impact with a data-driven approach and become revenue generators for their business or their clients.

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