Transparent Client Reporting & Analytics

Sharpen your agency’s value proposition by leveling up in an area that most agencies choose to put little to no effort into - client reporting. Cut through the noise and showcase your true value.

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Why ClicData for Client Reporting?


  • Transparency: show the impact of your marketing strategies on your clients' business.
  • Efficiency: automate your clients' reporting to focus the conversations on how to improve their marketing campaigns' results.
  • Business value: showcase your agency ROI with relevant, impactful metrics and keep your clients' budgets in the long run.

We help...

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Measure the impact of multi-channel campaigns on your clients' conversion rate and ROI in a more dynamic and automated way. Track all channels' performance: SEO, SEA, display, retargeting, social media, affiliate marketing, and more.

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Marketing Consultancies

Build long-term relationship with your clients based on data transparency and proven ROI. Bullet-proof your marketing plans with accurate data and engage your clients with meaningful conversations to maximize the impact of your strategies.

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Media & PR Agencies

Track your clients' publications, monitor your articles' reach and engagement on social media and deliver up-to-date report to your clients. Measure the impact of your PR and media campaigns on your clients' brand image and lead generation.

Go beyond
built-in analytics

Marketing tools’ metrics are rarely enough to paint the full picture. Go beyond any limitations and build the metrics that really matter to your clients.

Combine all
marketing channels

Provide an insightful overview of your clients' essential metrics across all channels: social media, ads, website analytics, emails, CRM, etc.

Expand offering with modern analytics

Deliver interactive and fully automated dashboards to your clients to engage in meaningful conversations to improve their campaigns.

Customize reporting with white label

Increase your credibility with our white label capabilities: your own analytics platform up and running by the end of the day.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Sample KPIs and metrics across all marketing & advertising activities.

  • Ads Overview

    Monitor ad spends, impressions and CTR, conversion rates, transactions value, ROI and Customer Lifetime Value. 

  • Lead Funnel Overview

    Monitor the number of website visitors and social media followers, new leads, and conversion rates at each lifecycle stage of your funnel. 

  • Customer Acquisition Overview

    Monitor spends, leads by lifecycle stage, ads CTR, conversion rates, cost per lead, customer acquisition cost and ROI. 

  • Social Media Overview

    Monitor followers' growth and engagement rates over time and by platform, correlate to the number of posts.

  • Email Campaigns Overview

    Monitor top performing campaigns by open rates, click throughs, average response rate and leads generated. 

  • SEO Performance Overview

    Monitor domain average position in SERP, CTR, new visitors, bounce rate and top performing pages. 

We are DMA partners

ClicData is a Data & Marketing Association (DMA) partner to equip marketing teams and agencies globally with tools and resources to enable them to get more value from their data.

This partnership is key in the industry to help marketing professionals generate more impact with a data-driven approach and become revenue generators for their business or their clients.

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Trusted by data-driven agencies globally

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We are constantly delivering relevant, accurate and reliable data to our clients for all campaigns running on Google Ads and social media in a single place.

Raphaël Condamin, Coora

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We use ClicData to show our clients their own data in real-time, through duplicable template reports that we built ourselves, or through custom reports.

Andrew Hubbard, Haventrust

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Our marketing performance reviews are much more dynamic and meaningful. ClicData also allowed us to give our clients access to their KPIs at any time.

Amandine Perdrix, La Touche en Plus


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