One-stop data analytics solution for multi-location POS

Get all your bookings, sales, inventory and guest data centralized in one central analytics solution.

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One data analytics solution to marry all your systems

With ClicData as your central data analytics solution for your hotel, restaurant, resort, or fitness center, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase repeatable business: leverage reviews and customer experience to improve customer loyalty
  • Improve occupancy rate to make inventory and pricing adjustment faster
  • Get a clear multi-location performance overall or at the individual level to adjust forecasting when needed

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Hotels, Resorts & Spa

Coffee Shops & Bars

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Measure Marketing ROI

Gather all your social media, website, affiliate partners, paid media and emailing systems and marry them with your PMS and revenue data to get a clear ROI across channels.

Track multi-location performance

Gather all your POS data into one executive summary report, or drill down to individual location metrics to understand what needs to be improved at each location.

Improve repeatable business

Bridge the gap between your online customer reviews and their on-site experience to improve loyalty and your business bottom-line.

Maximize occupancy rate

Monitor your rooms or table occupancy rate to adjust your rates, manage your staff schedule, or launch special discounts to generate traffic to your POS.

Measure performance with meaningful metrics...

Sample metrics for your marketing & operations teams

Marketing metrics

  • Ads Overview

    Monitor ad spends, impression, click-through rate and ROI

  • Social media engagement

    See which content your audience engages with across social media platforms and accounts to adjust your content strategy. 

  • Booking rate

    Track the booking rate per location to adjust your staff schedule accordingly. Measure which marketing channels bring you the most bookings to invest on them. 

  • Returning guests

    Measure the frequency of your guests' visits per location to identify the best performing POS and replicate best practices. 

Operations metrics

  • Occupancy

    Track your hotel rooms' occupancy over time per location or overall to better forecast staff schedule and room rate.  

  • RevPar

    Use RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) to measure the average revenue generated per available room, combining both occupancy rates and average daily rate (ADR) and assess your POS financial performance.

  • Avg Length Stay

    Compare the average length stay per property to identify the best performing ones and replicate best practices to increase the duration of your guests' stay. 

  • Avg Order Value

    Monitor your guests' average order value per location or overall, identify which products or services are the most consumed and opportunities to increase your revenue. 

Get your dashboards up and running quickly with our templates

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Discover their success stories

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Measuring the impact of multi-channel marketing on bookings

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“With ClicData, we were able to set up connections with all of our systems quickly and centralize all the metrics we wanted to track. We can now compare bookings across channels and locations over time using custom filters. The support and services teams at ClicData have been incredibly helpful in setting everything up and mapping the data properly.”

Camille Borody

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