Human Resources
Dashboard Templates

Take Your People Management To The Next Level

Get deeper insights into your employees’ satisfaction, salaries, absenteeism, and turnover to identify issues preventing growth, optimize employee experience, and fuel organizational efficiency.

Monitor Your People’s Pulse and Satisfaction

Track your employee satisfaction over time, based on factors like company culture, management affinities, missions accomplished, benefits, and more…. Measure the effect of your HR policies on employees’ well-being, satisfaction, and company culture.

Take data-driven actions to close gender pay gap

Measure where you stand on gender equality in the workplace and take data-driven actions to close the gap.

Track pay ratios, gender pay gaps, and gender distribution to foster more gender equality in the workplace, especially when it comes to pay.

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Candidate Interviews

This dashboard tracks on a monthly basis the recruitment activity for open positions with segmentation by job titles, statuses and locations.

Survey Results

Your survey results condensed into one dashboard. Plug in your survey data from Survey Monkey or another tool and show the results per question or per category.

CSR Policy Dashboard

With this template, HR Directors can measure headcount, and employee satisfaction, and keep track of CSR project participation all in one place.

Productivity Report

This dashboard provides an overview of team time tracking and management. Can be filtered by client project, team or team member.