Enable Data-Driven Decision in Your Organization to Stay Competitive

With ClicData you know exactly where your sales, marketing, financials, and operational metrics stand at all times.

Trusted by 1000+ leading organizations across 25+ countries

Leadership Teams Still Struggle to Measure Performance Across Departments

Why is that?

  • Unreliable sales projection.
    With ClicData: Monitor your sales overtime and create forecasting scenarios.
  • Undetected budget outliers.
    With ClicData: Be alerted in real time of critical goal achievements or budget/actuals discrepancies.
  • Production delays.
    With ClicData: Track the efficiency of your manufacturing process to reach production goals.
  • High turnover.
    With ClicData: Turn performance issues into training opportunities
real-time sales forecast for sales leaders and executives

Make your sales stronger and your projection more reliable

Refine revenue projections in your target markets using historical sales patterns and market fluctuations. Get reports on your progress a unified view of sales performance by product line and segment

Discover our Sales dashboards

Track your financials and report to your stakeholders

Analyzing your profitability involves more than just calculating your turnover and costs, as multiple data sources can complicate the process. ClicData simplifies this by seamlessly integrating data from diverse sources.

Discover our Financial dashboards
p&l dashboard template
production metrics dashboard

Stay on top of your productivity

Automating the collection of manufacturing efficiency data streamlines the tracking process, ensuring real-time insights into operations. This not only reduces manual errors but also facilitates quicker response to inefficiencies and enhances overall productivity.

Foster accountability and transparency

Empower your teams to meet deadlines and achieve goals with efficient performance dashboards. Additionally, continuous monitoring facilitates the identification of high-performing practices, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

team productivity kpis dashboard to track billable hours, profitability by project

Strategic Decisions Require Straight, Reliable Answers

ClicData enables CEOs and executive teams get concrete and reliable answers to all critical strategic questions in a timely manner:

  • Are my sales on track?
  • How are my actuals against budget in revenue and spendings?
  • Is my production efficient?
  • Is my manufacturing equipment used to its fullest?
  • Is my staff happy?
  • Could my teams be more productive?

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