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Data integration, cloud data warehousing, drag-and-drop data cleaning and transformation, automation, analytics, and dashboards.
We've got it all. Simplicity on the surface, power under the hood!

Are you able to deliver reports & insights to your teams, clients, or stakeholders quickly?


They need you on data interpretation to unlock valuable information. But why is it so hard to deliver?

  • No direct access to data: difficulty getting data from disparate systems such as their CRM, ERP, POS, etc.
  • Too many data silos make it difficult to combine multiple datasets from different sources.
  • Data quality issues: your datasets are filled with duplicates, inconsistent, outdated, or missing data.
  • Time and energy wasted on fetching, cleaning, and understanding which data is relevant to your users.

Meet ClicData
Simplicity on the surface, power under the hood

Our cloud-based, no-code data management and analytics platform gives you the power and flexibility that no other tools do.

solutions for analysts time optimization

Optimize your Time for
In-depth Analysis

We get it. You're doing a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks like data combination and cleansing. ClicData's Data Flows module facilitates handling diverse data, while the schedules module automates tasks, boosting efficiency and freeing up time for strategic activities.

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Easily Calculate your ROI

Analyzing your profitability involves more than just calculating your turnover and costs, as multiple data sources can complicate the process. ClicData simplifies this by seamlessly integrating data from diverse sources.

solutions for analysts forecast

Produce accurate forecasts

With ClicData, you keep historical data in your company's data warehouse to build accurate forecasts. Our Data Flow module facilitates essential data cleaning and preparation for the process.

Enhance your Analysis with a Scoring System

You can easily enhance your analysis by combining data for scoring and handling complex datasets effortlessly. Implementing a scoring system simplifies the process and offers an informed basis for decision-making.

Example of an automated scoring system for a survey analysis:

Our client surveyed hundreds of participants who answered 80 questions to evaluate and measure the distribution of their client’s employees on a skillset matrix, Employee Satisfaction, and Soft Skills. Then, they applied a scoring system for each set of skills within these two main competency categories.

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solutions for analysts scoring system

Wait, we've got more!

Speed up your data modeling process with Data Templates

Designed to make your life easier, Data Templates are ready-to-use datasets that will help you speed up your Data Modeling process. Don’t let data overwhelm you, make it work for you instead!

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Easily clean, transform, enhance data with
Data Flow

Massage your data in all possible ways, cleaning, pivoting, filtering, or any other sort of transformation with Data Flow. Just drag and drop your transformations and automate your flows. No coding, no fuss.

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Analyze sentiment with Opinion Text Mining using ClicData

Learn how our analysts quickly and efficiently built sentiment analysis for a restaurant based on text reviews from Yelp! and Google Reviews.

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