Amplify Your Value-Added With
A Modern Business Intelligence Platform

Provide your customers with an exceptional data-driven experience regardless of their environment (Mac, Windows, Mobile), extending your consulting and advisory services with a BI solution.

Are you able to deliver data-backed action plans to your clients, quickly?


And why is that?

  • No BI in your technology stack. Add an accessible data management and data analytics component to complete your offering.
  • No efficient data connectivity. Need to develop custom interfaces every time your customer wants to integrate a new data source.
  • Time is wasted implementing heavy BI solutions with customers who do not have extended IT resources to maintain it.
  • Need to diversify. Looking for new ways to expand their revenues with cost-effective solutions.

Let's support your clients' digital transformation

Amplify the value you bring to your clients with your unique expertise enhanced with our end-to-end business intelligence platform.

Add an accessible BI Cloud solution to your porfolio

Enhances your portfolio by offering scalable data analytics, real-time insights, streamlined collaboration, cost efficiency, and accessibility, empowering your clients with data-driven decision-making capabilities with no infrastructure constraints.

Fit into your Customers’ complex data ecosystems

Integrating all data types into a unified view streamlines analysis without custom interfaces, saving time and resources. This seamless approach enhances efficiency, accelerates decision-making, and maximizes the value of diverse data sources.

Leverage your expertise with modern BI

Working with ClicData will elevate your expertise by ensuring high-quality analytics, precise insights, and efficient data processing. This technological edge enhances service quality, positioning you as a trusted leader in contemporary business intelligence practices.

Support your analysis with a sexy delivery format

Revamping your analysis with a visually appealing, modern delivery format enhances engagement. A sleek presentation not only captivates stakeholders but also conveys a forward-thinking approach, elevating the analysis's perceived relevance and impact.

White Label Dashboards

Deliver a seamless experience to all your clients with your branded dashboards.

Increase your revenue while pushing our technology

You promote BI, we provide the technology AND you earn a commission with every new ClicData account you sign!

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