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Improve data accessibility and user engagement by displaying your dashboards where your users need them the most.

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Ah, the "Build versus Buy" dilemma...

Why would you pay for a platform that you could build, and get exactly what you need? Well, for several reasons:

  1. An entire data analytics suite: ClicData offers the widest array of tools to integrate, management, analyze, visualize and share data combined in an all-in-one platform.
  2. Rapid value delivery: your data visualization module is ready to be implemented and embedded into your application.
  3. Incredible budget saving: No development, no maintenance, no storage.
  4. Focused development on core features. 

Where do you need it the most?

platform embedded intranet


If you are using SharePoint or other intranet portals in your company, you can embed secured Dashboards using Single Sign-On (SSO) or using API tokens. Your dashboards will be fully secured and tailored to each portal user.

platform embedded website


Using dashboard with our Live Links set to Public mode, you can include dashboards directly in your web site irrespective of where they are hosted or what Content Management System (CMS) you use.

platform embedded saas


We get it. First you build a great app and then you think about reporting. We got your back. You can embed our solution in your application and nobody is the wiser. Get instant BI power in your app.

platform embedded mobile


Are your users looking to access dashboards whenever and wherever they are? Use our mobile app or embed our dashboards in your own mobile app.

Embed dashboards with Live Links

Think of Live Links the same you you would think about YouTube share URLs, but instead of embedding video you are embedding live dashboards linked to live data.  The data is updated, so are your dashboards.

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