Secure by Design

Protecting your data is our job. Our platform runs 100% on the world's leading cloud provider and we pride to partner with Microsoft Azure to ensure your data is always available and always secure.

Some of the ways we make it secure

  • ISO 27001 & SOC 2

    We are proud to be ISO 27001 and SOC 2 type 2 certified. Along with our vendors and partners such as Microsoft Azure, we strive to adhere to the most strict policies and demonstrate continuous and constant improvements in all our processes and people.

  • Privacy Compliance

    Every country and region enforce strong regulations around privacy and we do our best to support our customers in ensuring that those regulations are met.

  • Monitoring & Logs

    With 3 levels of activity and session logs, as well as internal and external monitoring we are always the first to know when and what happened. 

  • Secure Development

    Our engineering and development team follows a secure software development practice in each phase of the development lifecycle; training, design, implementation, verification, release and response.

  • Continuous Training

    Training our teams is the best way to ensure that we continue to provide the best service and secure our resources and your data.

  • Encryption At-Rest

    Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) does real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data and log files in our databases.  

  • Encryption In-Transit

    All communication to and from servers, database, and client are TLS 1.2 and higher encrypted using private and public certificates.  

  • Penetration Testing

    On demand and at least once a year, we perform penetration testing where a team of ethical hackers and our own engineers attempt to gain access to secured resources.  

  • Vulnerability Testing

    We perform automated vulnerability testing each and every month using a third party service. We support a transparent policy of communicating results to our customers and partners.

  • High Availability

    Your data is stored in multiple databases simultaneously and it is backed up daily with history up to 35 days and long term retention of 3 months.

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Microsoft Azure

Your data is safely stored in data centers in the region nearest to you,
maintained and monitored by Microsoft, the leading global hosting and infrastructure provider.

Data Center Locations

Your data is placed in the region of your choice among the following: USA, Ireland, UK,
Netherlands, France, Canada, and Australia with mirror data centers in the same region.

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Certificates & Compliance

ClicData is ISO27001 and SOC 2 certified and with our partner Microsoft Azure we ensure the
highest adherence to compliance and regulatory standards to HIPAA, GDPR and WCAG.


Secured Payments

ClicData is audited by SecurityMetrics and consistently passes all relevant certifications (PCI DSS) regarding the use of Payment Cards in ClicData.
We do not store your payment information in ClicData and rely on Braintree, a PayPal company for the processing and storage of all payment information.


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