Media Campaign Tracking

A media campaign can cover a lot of different type of media: web, print, social media or all at the same time. As part of your marketing arsenal, your media campaigns must be set up with specific, measurable, goals in mind : it’s called KPI tracking.

At the same time you are preparing your content and your overall strategy, make sure you have the proper tracking in place to match your strategic objectives. There are plethora of tools available to help you track the preparation, the execution and the results of media campaigns. Take the time to look for them!

If you are looking to make tracking your campaign easier, make sure they include a Call to Action. Not only it will have more impact on your audience than a general campaign for brand awareness, it will help you create content with measurable actions you can track. Either through a landing page, or specific tracking codes included in your content, being able to clearly count actions performed by your audience will help you to measure precisely the success of each aspects of your campaign.

How To Run
A Media Campaign

First state clearly what objectives you are trying to accomplish with your campaign and keep them in mind when running it. On top of that, think about your tactics: how are you going to get your message across? What tone will you chose? Which channels are you primarily going to focus on? What kind of content are you going to share? Make sure you have the appropriate set of tools to follow the impact of your campaign: gathering of press clippings, opinion polls, google analytics statistics, lead generations… anything you feel is relevant to support your strategy.

Create a Timeline. Define not only the time needed to create your content, but when it will be posted and when you are ready to collect the first results. Remember to follow a consistent story line or narrative. You don’t have to push all of our assets at the same time. It is sometime better to occupy the field longer. Make sure you plan the necessary time for flexibility, you never know how the audience will answer to a piece of content, or if you won’t need a few more days to finish one of those.

Why Evaluate A Mass Media Campaign

Don’t wait for your campaign to be over to evaluate its results! You want to do this exercise at least in the middle of your publication calendar to make sure you are on the right track. You must have the flexibility to modify the date of your releases or the media themselves in case you are not having the results you are expecting.

First thing, you will want to evaluate if your audience has consumed your media. If you have installed the proper analytics or tracked click on your link, you can even get real-time reporting of your campaign!
After your campaign is done running, it is important to measure the impact it had on your brand and the objectives you defined, and also to know if your money was well spent.

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