KPI with ClicData

A lot of online tools claims to be able to help you build the best dashboards online, but as one of the new generation business intelligence software, what makes ClicData more interesting than its competitors at building KPIs and giving you KPI Template ?

ClicData already packs a lot of features such as automatic connection to data sources, integrated ETL tools, advanced team & user management or programmable alerts but also includes fully customizable KPIs.
When adding a new indicator to your Dashboards you can not only set up the font, size, colors or type but also add complex interactions with the rest of the dashboards through the use of formulas, threshold, interactive elements and clickable content.

Moreover, any indicators created on a ClicData Dashboard can be tied to any other element in another dashboard on your account which allows not just to create simple dashboards & reports, but the possibility of building an entire BI system!

Best KPI Template
with ClicData

ClicData allows its users for a lot of flexibility when building dashboards & reports for their business. Users can either select a pre-determined template they can customize or build a brand new BI dashboard from scratch.
Users can integrate advanced KPIs widgets such as interactive maps or pivot tables with integrated visual indicators to help you better compare situations and make the appropriate decisions for your business.
A good plan to start your KPI template would be to ask yourself a series of questions related to what you are trying to accomplish with your dashboard.
Will this measure help me? How am I going to gather the data? What’s the target? What’s the actual? What is the value where I consider this KPI to be positive, or negative? How would I chart this information?

Laying out your KPIs on your dashboard, customizing them in terms of colors or font to make them match your company’s identity is important but you have to make sure that you don’t cram all of them on the same canvas. It is imperative to create multiple dashboards and focus them each on particular topics, plus you can create navigation elements with ClicData which will allow you to quickly navigate between them.

KPI Dashboard
with ClicData

If you are interested in looking at what ClicData can do for you and your management, feel free to check our dedicated examples page which features a lot of dashboards from different industries.
ClicData Dashboard can be shared automatically through only a couple of clicks with your colleagues or clients so you can focus on the analysis and not wasting much time on boring copy/ pasting / sending tasks.

  • Retail Dashboards
  • Academic Dashboards
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Project Management Dashboards
  • Marketing Dashboards
  • Sales Scorecards

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They Follow Their KPIs With ClicData

"Outil Fantastique"

"Je n'avais aucune expérience en création de tableaux de bord avant ClicData. Maintenant, j'épate mes collègues régulièrement grâce à ClicData."

Kris W.

"Je Recommande Vivement"

"Nous utilisons ClicData pour centraliser toutes nos données. Nous avons réussi à créer des tableaux de bord à l'aspect réellement professionnel pour une utilisation à la fois interne et externe, le tout avec facilité."

David L.
Responsable du Contrôle de Production

"Bon Rapport Qualité/Prix"

"C'est un grand plaisir de travailler avec ClicData depuis le premier jour, tant avec le logiciel qu'avec l'équipe Support. Le logiciel est extrêmement facile à utiliser et fournit toutes les fonctionnalités dont on avait besoin."

Jim S.
Directeur des Opérations

"Une Solution Complète pour Les Start Ups"

"Nous avons commencé à utiliser ClicData il y a un an et nous l'avons tout de suite adopté grâce à sa capacité d'automatisation de l'ensemble du processus d'analyse des données."

Sherry A.
Senior Analyst