e-commerce businesses are naturally inclined to digital marketing and count on the web as their main acquisition channel. Therefore, marketing KPI for ecommerce businesses include many marketing KPIs crossing for example their Google Analytics data with sales and budget information. The next major area of performance tracking for the e-commerce industry is the logistics department. E-commerce logistics KPIs show the business ability to keep up with the customers’ demand at the best cost possible.

Real time is a critical aspect of e-commerce reporting. If a product reference is clicked increasingly over a couple of days, the sooner the trend is detected, the better in order to negotiate additional stocks at the best price possible.


e-Commerce Marketing KPI

KPI for ecommerce websites include the basic Google Analytics data to track which page performs best, where the traffic comes from and what channel converts best. Conversion is the most efficient of all marketing business metrics to measure the success of It also includes much deeper analytics on website visitors’ behavior to get more insights on the buyers’ profile. As SEO plays a key part in attracting the right traffic, a number of e-commerce KPI measure the performance of organic traffic and which key words resonate best within their client base.

Another set of e-commerce marketing KPI relates to the efficiency of content marketing to increase the brand awareness. Marketing produces topical content for the brand to captivate their target audience and trigger reactions, buzz and ultimately a purchase.
Marketing e commerce KPI examples are:

• Site traffic
• Blog traffic
• Traffic source
• Unique visitors versus returning visitors
• Time on site
• Conversion rate
• Page views per visit
• Chat sessions initiated
• Newsletter subscribers
• Texting subscribers
• Social media engagement (followers or fans)
• Pay-per-click traffic volume
• Affiliate performance rates
• Number and quality of product reviews
• Brand or display advertising click-through rates


Logistics KPI

Once marketing has done its job attracting prospect, nurturing the leads and converting them into clients, the logistics team needs to jump in to ensure that the demand of each customer is satisfied in the best way possible. Logistics challenges for e-commerce are greater as e-commerce enterprises needs to deal with the world as opposed to the more localized and stable store distribution.

Understanding how online consumers shop across channels is critical to the success of e-commerce fulfillment. More consumers are browsing the Internet for features and selection, testing products at stores, acquiring discounts through social media, then purchasing the product online directly their mobile.
Third party logistics partners are usually the answer especially if the brand was not originally sold online but in stores. Just like any suppliers or partners, their performance needs to be tracked efficiently and the results shared in the shape for reports.
Not only the eCommerce logistics management needs to be customer oriented but it also needs to be cost efficient.

Top ecommerce kpis for logistics are:

  • Inventory to sales ratio

  • Units per transaction

  • Order tracking

  • Rate of return

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