Content Marketing KPI

Content marketing drives sales if performed well. Content marketing can help the sales team at every step of the sales process. From generating interest in the product to generating new prospects and nurturing leads, content marketing can help convincing customers of a given expertise, enticing trust in one’s product or service.

Of the many marketing initiatives, the content marketing strategy is likely the most effort consuming while also proven most effective in the long run. It is therefore critical to track its performance effectively and define the content marketing KPI early on. How to measure content marketing? Depending one where the content is posted, key performance indicators will vary. Main metrics are always going to be just like for email click rates and conversion rates.


How To Measure Content Marketing

Let’s first understand who needs content marketing. Every company that needs to prove having a given expertise in a given market. That is especially true if the market is complex. To know if your content marketing is working, it is relevant to take a look at the audience reaction on the channels where your content is posted:

  • If posted on the social media: objective #1 is to drive more traffic to your website and increase the awareness of your brand. KPI that matter will be click rate and engagement rate.

  • If posted on your website: here the main purpose is to convince the visitors of the brand relevancy. Success can be measured with the conversion rate.

  • If attached to an email: in that case content marketing’s purpose is lead nurturing, keeping the relationship entertained. Open rate, Click rate and conversion rate will be the keys.

  • If distributed during an event: Paper based content marketing KPI are tougher to measure. One simple metric could be the number of leads sourced at the event against the number of papers distributed.

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Marketing Plan

Content marketing includes every piece of content that helps building the relationship to a company’s audience. Tracking the performance of content marketing also depends on where to post content marketing. While before content marketing plans were focused on giving the right communication tools to the sales force, it is now centered on seducing Google Algorithms. Regardless of the channel and whether it is digital or not, the process to create a content marketing plan essentially remains the same:

  1. Understand your core audience. Who are your buying personas? Which topics and what format matter most to them.

  2. Tell your product story. Each brand relates to a particular area of expertise. Content marketing is a chance to describe your brand contribution to this area.

  3. Pick your publication channel. Where to find your audience? Upon targeting criteria of age, role, industry and other buying personas features, you’ll know how best and where to reach your potential customers.

  4. Measure!!! Content marketing proves results over time. Each new piece’s effect should be measured to adjust the messages and channels accordingly.

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