Supply Chain Management
Dashboard Templates

Understand your manufacturing process

Monitor production volume and capacity in real-time, providing you with essential insights into the efficiency of your production lines and machinery.

Streamline your manufacturing operation, boost productivity, and make data-driven decisions to ensure your production process operates as it best.

Keep Your inventory
Well Balanced

Reduce carrying costs, minimize stock-outs, and ensure product availability to achieve operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

In a snapshot, monitor key metrics such as your Average Product Value (APV), On Time In Full Deliveries (OTIF), and Out Of Stock (OOS) rates in real-time to ensure that your inventory remains in perfect balance!

Track the last mile, we know it matters!

This final leg can make or break your customer experience. Value transparency about clients orders’ with this dashboard template.

Get a breakdown of orders by status, error types, and shipment costs by method to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and minimize costs.

Make informed decisions that result in agile, cost-effective, and efficient logistics operations to keep your shipments moving in the right direction.