Meet Your Goals With Our Ready-to-Use Sales Dashboard Examples

Get an overview or a detailed analysis of your retail sales performance

sales performance overview

A  real-time dashboard for sales leaders and executives who want to stay informed and up-to-date on sales forecasts and revenue commitments. Easily combine data from any system to create a single version of the truth.  Stop relying on ever changing spreadsheets.

Product & brand sales performance

Understand which products or services are selling the fastest or which geography is growing faster than expected. Anytime you wish, have the ability to compare and combine any category element to understand where attention is needed.

store sales performance

Measure the sales performance per location, type of stores or get a complete overview of all your stores sales performance. Monitor your stores performance overview with custom or pre-built filters and detect consumer trends per area or location.

Get an accurate, up-to-date overview of your sales pipeline and customer profiles

sales pipeline dashboard

Track the progression of leads from initial contact to conversion with this sales pipeline dashboard example.  The dashboard empowers sales teams to identify bottlenecks, prioritize leads, and optimize your strategies for maximum impact on revenue. Share this dashboard with the team to foster transparency and accountability across the sales pipeline, which will have a big impact on their individual efficiency.

customer profiling

Quickly see the distribution of your customers by type, subscription level and market. Identify your key accounts by MRR and region. Measure the evolution of your customer profile overtime with pre-built filters.

customer retention

In this dashboard, you can analyze your customer retention in value ($) and number of accounts. We monitor KPIs such as New MRR, Contraction MRR, Expansion MRR, Churn. We also look at New and Lost Accounts in the last 30 days.

Manage Your Reps' Productivity With These Sales Dashboard Examples

sales Calls Summary report

Track your team's call activity with this summary report.

You have an overview of the call frequency, duration, response rate, and the activity overview per BDR or AM and call type.

This report goes beyond the built-in report in your telephony or VoIP system as it allows you to visualize stats by weekdays, business days, and allows you to drill down into the data.

Call activity per campaign

This dashboard is mixing data from telephony or VoIP and CRM systems. It gives you extra insights into your team's call activity.

You can see who's calling per campaign, who's on track, and who's falling behind compared to the team's average activity and to the targets.

sales pipeline cultivation

This dashboard mixes data from your telephony or VoIP and your CRM systems.

Track your team's call activity per prospect types: MQLs, SQLs, and see how many opportunities are actually being defined and committed per BDR and AM.

This dashboard also shows you the number of dials and call minutes per team and per rep, and the sales rep's rank per quota achieved.