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Make Sense of Multichannel Data for Improved Retail Performance

Reconciling your eCommerce and POS data can be challenging!

With this dashboard template, get a summary overview of your retail analytics, including KPIs like your sales value, margin rate, orders/returns ratio, basket size, and website traffic – every day at a glance.

Get a Consolidated View of Your Stores Performance

Track your sales performance from multiple stores - easily drill down and filter to understand each POS’s performance.

Compare store metrics and identify your top revenue-generating products per category, store, and region.

You know understand what works and where's room for improvement.

Understand Your Retail Product Performance At a Glance

Get an overview of your product performance in real time and monitor key metrics like your sales value, margin rate, average price, and orders/returns ratio by order channel, type, and store.

Understand your top revenue-generating products across brands, categories, and regions. Identify bottlenecks and returns by reasons so you can make adjustments to meet your sales targets.

Grow Your eCommerce Faster with Real-Time Retail Analytics

Quickly assess your product performance and monitor your top revenue-generating products across categories and regions.

Track key retail metrics like your sales value, margin rate, orders/returns ratio, and more with this dashboard template.

Monitor your eCommerce acquisition channels & revenue

Quickly assess your products’ performance, identify top/flops, and understand the proportion of new customers on revenue.

Monitor your ROI on multi-channel marketing campaigns with accuracy, and keep an eye on KPIs: conversion rates, AOV, and ROAS across categories and regions to grow your eCommerce faster.

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