Navigate through the mobile dashboards on your mobile with ease. Interactive mobile dashboards can be viewed via our free app or via your mobile browser.

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e-Commerce KPI

With this dashboard retailers will be able to track where their revenue comes from as well as what their customer profile is from their geographic location to their online behavior. Keep an eye on your e-commerce KPI dashboards on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with our mobile application.

Sales KPIs

Keep your sales KPIs in your pocket with our mobile dashboards. Click on each segment, on each chart to get more details on your sales performance. Responsive and dynamic, you can keep digging into your business data during your commutes and travels before any customer or team meetings.

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Our mobile application is ready for you, completely free with your subscription for any number of users.


Navigate from one dashboard to another on your mobile. Try on this dashboard: open it and click on the bottom-right button to view the second dashboard. You can easily check all your sales, marketing, financial KPIs when on the go.

Interactive charts

Your dashboards and charts are also interactive on your smartphones. Open this example and see how your charts behave on mobile devices. You can click on every chart, buttons, zoom in and out in your charts to dig deeper into your data.