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The dashboard helps managers to track, visualize and optimize the logistic processes efficiently.

Using a logistics dashboard, you can monitor your KPIs related to transportation, warehouse and supply chain.

Track the transportation costs, how long it takes for the order to get to its destination and compare the average delivery time with the targets set-up by the upper management.

Improve your day-to-day operations by keeping an eye on the inventory and check how to have the maximum loads in your inventory in order to decrease the costs.

Share one dashboard with different people in the organization and allow them to filter and drill into the  information they are looking for.

Call Center operations by client

This Call Center dashboard includes all the basic metrics such as total calls, talk time, satisfaction indexes and more. This template can be displayed on a large screen in the open space for telemarketers and managers to monitor in real-time.

You can also refer to it during daily or weekly team updates in PowerPoint presentations or online.

Call Center 24h monitoring

Monitoring of the last 24 hours of your Call Center activity and performances against your targets. Verify at a glance that your team maintains a good resolution ratio of tickets while dealing with a manageable amount and duration of calls.

Use this dashboard to analyze whether unresolved calls could be picked up again, based on the time already spent on and the time they happened. Make sure longer calls where successful and your agent's time was spent wisely.

Fitness Gym Dashboard

Manage multiple Fitness Club locations. Interact with the dashboard and choose the Region, Gym name and the date periods in order to attract and retain customers.

Track your members activity such as attendance over time, subscriptions renewals and customer loyalty.

Build interactive dashboards for local Managers to help them analyse their club's performance.

Monitor your brand awareness by centralising your social media, marketing campaigns and website traffic data.

Energy Production Report

Identify production output per production line or factory
Compare percentile ranks of output ratings.

Calculate revenue by output & expenses to calculate gross profits & margins.

Focus on specific time periods via time sliders.

Identify geographic areas of high/low output with the region map widget.

The Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) provides public transport services in Toronto, operational reporting data on ridership, revenue and service delays are made available through the Open Data Catalogue on www.toronto.ca

These dashboards illustrate the key reporting metrics for transport and logistics focussed businesses, illustrating cause and location of service interruptions, ridership numbers, and revenues for the past number of years.

Counter tracking dashboard

The Counter Tracking dashboard provides a centralized platform to monitor production facility sensor activities. The purpose of the dashboard is to understand utilization for your production assembly line through the use of sensors – it provides an easy way to capture performance against desired rate, downtime with reason and operator name with JOB CODE. Using the dashboard, you can monitor your facility to identify the bottleneck and identify changes for improvements.