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Ads Performance Overview

Are you investing on paid channels? Paid search, social media ads, display, retargeting, affiliate marketing... This dashboard gives you a clear overview of your ad spend vs budget, CTR, conversions, CPL over time per channel, source, and campaign.

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Lead Gen & Funnel Analysis

How do the organic and paid search channels impact your business growth? With this dashboard, you will quickly identify the best-performing channels and sources based on critical metrics such as MQL to SQL conversion rate, Opportunity to Customer conversion rate, ROI, and Customer Acquisition Cost.

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Social Media Engagement

How is your audience engaging with your content on social media? This dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of your engagement rate over time across all social media including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Outbound Email Performance

Measure clicks, bounces, email delivery rate, and engagement rate of your marketing email campaigns in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard. Compare performance over time to double-dip on your winning sequences.

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Instagram Engagement

With this dashboard template, your marketing team can finally monitor properly the results of their content strategy on Instagram. Discover which content is more relevant and engaging for your audience.

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TikTok Organic Engagement

Monitor your overall TikTok performance in a single place! Dive into your video analytics to track top videos, video views, likes, shares, and comments over time.

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Facebook Engagement

Get into the details of your Facebook community's growth and engagement over time. Identify the content that resonates with your audience, how they react to it, and the impact on your company's brand awareness and visibility.

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LinkedIn Organic

Compare the performance of your content on LinkedIn over time and amongst different customer segments and personas. Discover which topics and content types make your audience engage with your brand and generate leads.

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Fancy our marketing dashboard templates?

Download the practical guide to learn how to quickly plug your business data into our templates.

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